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Originally Posted by Orioles1966 View Post
No one has heard of the schedule editor?
That's a good point.

Originally Posted by Le Grande Orange View Post
One shouldn't have to use that. The game should get this sort of thing correct, given it is a feature of the game.
That's a good point too.

Given that OOTP gives the user so many options to modify or change the way the game is played, my feeling has always been that, if you care enough about some aspect of the game to complain about it, then you care enough to modify it yourself.

In this particular case, make-up games can be re-scheduled very easily. It takes about 30 seconds to go into the schedule editor, remove the make-up game that the AI has scheduled, and re-schedule it on some other date.

On the other hand, I recognize that it's frustrating that the game seemingly can't handle a simple situation like this. It's worth remembering, though, that schedules are complicated puzzles, even in real life. I'm amazed that the OOTP AI can handle rainouts, even if it sometimes doesn't do a very good job of it. As Dr. Johnson said of women preachers, "the wonder is not that it is done well, but that it is done at all." In this instance, we can urge the developers to devote more time and effort to fix the problem while recognizing that it's within our power right now to do something about it ourselves.
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