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Originally Posted by No Pepper View Post
I have been working on an update of my set up to current day but seeing reds1's work I'll cut it off where you begin. Basically its just changing out the shading and adding sleeve detail. All personal preferences as all our styles are a bit different. I'm still on OOTP12 so I lack the expanded FG profile with the sleeves so all these necessary additions are a bit busy-work for me atm. The problem has been getting time and energy to do all these home/road/alts throughout time. My layers in PS are a bit messy so that adds to the time involved. Let me know if this is a wasted effort (doing it myself if you aren't) or you want to pool our efforts to get it done quicker. I'm not all satisfied with the collection that Gambo put together, but that is not his fault.
I had no immediate plans to augment my collection with with uniforms prior to 1970. One of the reasons I went ahead with this project in the first place was because of the level of detail provided in Bill Henderson's guide, detailing year-by-year changes, such as piping and shoulder patches for each team. Seeing photos of actual jerseys made it so much easier and at times contradicted what was shown in Dressed to the Nines and Chris Creamer's database.

If there was an equally reliable database for earlier uniforms, as well as freely available graphics, then it might be worth considering.
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