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Originally Posted by The Game View Post
Reds1, what about a futuristic set? I know it would be hard to predict what teams might do 25 yrs from now, but I mix & match caps & jerseys from different years to try to make some uniforms look great some look really bad.
With all the 2012 Houston Astros jerseys out there and other possible futuristic jerseys it would be nice to have it all done by one person.
One jersey I use for the 2016 Chicago White Sox is the St Patty's day uniform that they were in ST. Don't have a road jersey in green. I use the NYY BP cap for some future leagues.
A futuristic set would be a challenge, at least for me, as I'm not very good at 'projecting' stuff like into the future. And what do you do with teams that are tradition-minded, like the Tigers, Yankees and Dodgers? I can see them looking pretty much like they do now, just as they did 60 years ago. But that could be a fun exercise.

At the moment, I was going to take a little break and then early in the new year focus on getting up to speed with the minor league teams that have updated their uniforms.
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