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Thank you for the kind words!

Originally Posted by Charlie Hough View Post
Excellent work. It looks like there is still a button pad or button down separation line for the pullover jerseys, though. Can this be fixed?

It would be a massive project, but if you were able to do past decades as well, it would be a great update now that there are new and improved templates.
Unfortunately, that crease down the front of the jersey is added by OOTP after the jersey is loaded. It would be nice if that could be eliminated, since its really not needed, especially now that custom made jerseys are much more sophisticated than they were when facegen was first introduced.

I have thought about doing past decades, but that will have to be for a later time. I know No Pepper has created an excellent collection of historical jerseys that run up to the 1960s, so perhaps they kind of compliment each other.

However, one interesting challenge would be the satin jerseys some of the teams wore in the 1940s. I'm not sure if there's a texture that can replicate that satin sheen, but it wouldn't be surprise me in the least if one of our great mod makers came up with one!
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