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Major League Baseball Umpires

I am starting this thread so that I do not clutter the Gambo and T_Wil1 Photopack thread with non-player posts. This thread will include images of Major League umpires, primarily those who did not play, coach, or manage in the Major Leagues. From 1871 through the end of the 2010 season there have been 1,516 different umpires in Major League games, including replacement and fill-in umpires (note that MLB only recognizes 343 different "official" umpires). Of those 1,516:

917 never played or managed in the Majors
585 played in the Majors
14 managed but did not play in the Majors

I am assembling an umpires directory, similar to the managers and coaches directories, which will be added to the next release of the facepack. The umpires directory will include images of all Major League umpires, regardless of which of the above categories they fall into. I will also add an Umpires tab to the Missing Player List, so we can keep track of which images we still need to find.

For each umpire I will list his name and umpiring debut year in the post title.

My thanks to Retrosheet for providing the umpire list, and to SABR for helping me find many umpire photos.

I welcome any and all contributions to the thread and photopack!
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