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Originally Posted by Rich Grisham View Post
I can guarantee you that there are a LOT of great things we are working on for OOTP 20 that have nothing to do with Perfect Team. I can also guarantee you that there are a few planned features for the game that have nothing to do with Perfect Team that would not have been able to be created without the Perfect Team live service infrastructure too. I wish I could share details with you now but I love my job and don't want to lose it.

It's January; we're months from the release of OOTP 20 and many, many months removed from OOTP 19. Perfect Team is the easiest thing to talk about on the show right now because it's living and breathing every day. And people keep asking us to talk about it!

I really hope you guys have some great things in works for 20. MLB the Show is becoming a complete joke with it's laser focus on Diamond Dynasty and it's refusal to upgrade player models. I urge you guys to strike while the iron is hot and not become too enamored with your version of Diamond Dynasty. Real baseball fans are grumbling. If you guys can make a big splash this year, I think you can add a significant amount of customers/gamers who have had it with MLB the show.
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