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Originally Posted by BradC View Post
After all, that's like a carpenter returning from work and anxiously getting started on home improvement projects.
I know this is an old thread, but my father was a carpenter, and when he came home, he always worked on his own home improvement projects, never paid to have anything done. Actually, he'd get me to do whatever(if I was capable - if I wasn't - I heard about it - lol).
Richie Renard: Come on Bobby! Hit a Home Run!
Gil Renard: Don't get greedy, son. Don't get greedy. What we need now is a sacrifice. A winning team has to know how to manufacture runs. Coop taught me that. He used to say the most beautiful play in the game is a sacrifice fly, and you know why?
Richie Renard: 'Cause you give yourself up for the team?
Gil Renard: And it doesn't even count against your average. That's why baseball's better than life - it's fair.
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