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Record 9-4-2 (overall 16-6-3)
Standings november
Skater stats
Kuznetsov has been on fire - 31 points in 24 games.
Two best players in +/- are Toews (+22) and Dobson (+19). Next guy on the list has +10.

I gave Kahkonen 1 more game, he allowed 3 goals on 23 shots vs Ranges and i sent him down after that performance.
His place took another free agent i signed in previous offseason, Connor Ingram, formerly Nashville but without an NHL game.

(stats from mid December)

Goalie stats:

Sorokin still strong, and Ingram has been doing great job as backup, so looks like we have goalie position solved for next few years.

Team stats:

Its been our best offence to date, 3.68 goals per game is unheard of for Islanders, just not so strong in powerplay. Defense still great, and that gives us one of the top differentials in the league at the moment.

- only 10 injury days so far (!!!)
- 30th in shots blocked (347; top are Sabres with 529)
- 28th in takeaways (122; top is Vancouver with 221)
- 3rd in giveaways (126)

Also in the offseason i replaced all of the coaches:

So far season is developing nicely, just one thing i found out has been annoying (i wrote about in the "Quick questions" topic too..).
My 1st PP line is getting much more ice time than 2nd line, regardless of the settings im using. That leads to them being more tired than other guys and i have to sometimes sit them after such game...(and most likely lose the game in the process). I didnt find a workaround for this yet outside of watching games and changing lines during the game, which i wont do...

One last thing:

Two fast shorthanded goals during the same powerplay, versus Tampa Bay.

Edit: Second last thing:
I found an exploit you could use (ill try not to...). I noticed it when i promoted Ingram. He had 2 hot icons while playing in AHL and it transferred to NHL too... I believe it should be seperated rating for different leagues (or at least reduced when player is promoted), because if you really wanted to, you could be sending guys up and down in order to get them hot in lower leagues and then promote to NHL.

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