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Season 2021-2022

Active roster: (grades from preseason games)

Leddy, Boychuk, Johnston and Dobson are in their last year.
- Boychuk wont be exteded, i didnt even check his demands.
- Leddy wants 7.6M for 5 years....
- Johnston wants 2.6 for 3 years
- Dobson wants 4.2 for 3 years
Edit: i missed Clutterbuck. He wants 1.7 for 2 years, so 50% paycut. Seems reasonable, hes losing ratings already though, so ill decide near the end of the season.

I think only Dobson is worth the money, Leddy is already 30, when contract is up he will be 36....Johnston plays 9min per game (and not of highest quality), so i dont think it is worth 2.6m. I will need to think about it during the season.


Record 7-2-1
Standings october
Skater stats
Kuznetsov 13 points (13 assists), way ahead of everyone else.

The biggest question mark was how would Sorokin do. Out of shape, unhappy, not the greatest preseason games, no experienced backup. If he doesnt play well, we're screwed.
By the way im wondering for how much longer he will be isolated. Or how much will take for him to learn any english...its been only a year...

As you can see, Sorokin is just fine though.
But Kahkonen unfortunately isnt a worthy backup yet, so will probably be send down for more seasoning and another prospect moved up from AHL. Hopefully Sorokin wont get injured...

Guy who replaced Cizikas on the roster - Laughton, has been doing good as well, on pace for ~40 points on 4th line.

New lines:

Just small adjustment. I was thinking about it during last season, but decided to do it now, since Cizikas is gone too. Im changing lines, so the "bully line" is 4th now, and in 3rd will play more offensive players (if i have any lol)

When one of my forward prospects becomes ready to try in NHL, he will be played in 3rd line.

Also some tweaks to line matching. I have two lines that are good defensively (3rd and 4th), so they will try to match opponents lines 1st and 2nd.


If one of the prospects develops during a year, Boychuk goes on waivers.

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