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Team stats

We still had one of the best defenses, 21 more goals allowed than last year, but also we scored 39 more. PK and PP on comparable level, slightly worse than last year.

Also we were:
- last in shots blocked (thats shocking to me)
- 7th in hits (only 3rd line has hitting slider set to high)
- 27th in faceoffs won (for us it should be called 'faceoffs lost')
- 6th most takeaways
- 3rd fewest giveaways
- 2nd in pp opportunities (nice)
- tied for 2nd in shorthanded goals (8)

We also were not top of the league in injury days this time, fallen down to 6th..
Whats interesting is that out of top 10 teams in injury days, 9 made it to playoffs anyway (4th on the list Columbus didnt). Top of the standings were Oilers and Kings with 611 and 608.

Speaking of injuries, some of you might have noticed there was no McDavid on top points lists this and last year. Its not because he's too bad to get there, but because he missed 11 games last year and half of the season this year.


Playoffs time

In the first round we meet Capitals again and *spoiler alert* again we beat them 4-1. They dont have Eberle anymore (traded to Calgary for good looking prospect), but they have in the lineup those two defencemen i traded them as well. One of them had 28 points in 58 games and the other 41 in 74 games, so not bad at all. Maybe in few years it will be me who made a worse deal there, but for now im the one winning in playoffs.



- Leddy out for 3 games after 1st game. Comes back for game 5
- Beauvillier out for 7 days after game 3
- Cizikas out 3 months after game 3

Im getting a bit annoyed at this point, but its not the end of the world. Dal Colle had goal and assist replacing Beauvillier in 2 games and Bardeau is good enough to replace Cizikas on reasonable level. Leddy is back already.


Second round is versus Pittsburgh (again) - we've beaten them last year, we can do it again.
But before the series started, Lee is out - if you were paying attention, our best scorer. Thats not good...

Game 1:
1-3 loss, shots 25-31, so somewhat close.

Lee was replaced on the roster by this guy. How deep i have to look for replacements at this point should tell you the fact i didnt know he existed until now and he's 9th best center on depth charts. (to his credit though, he had a goal and 2 assists in the series)

Game 2:
Close 3-2 victory. Shots 22-22

Game 3:
2-3 OTL. Shots 14-37 for Pittsburgh. Sorokin made it a close game
Injury to Wahlstrom for the rest of the series.
Reminder: we're still missing 3 other main players: Cizikas, Lee, Beauvillier

Game 4:
Beauvillier became game available, but at 80% Fit. I just had to do it, or we didnt have any chance of winning.
Close 2-1 win, shots 24-31. Beauvillier scored one of the goals
(gotta love his name btw)

Game 5:
1-2 OTL, shots 29-37, still injured Beauvillier had assist

Game 6:
0-1 loss, shots 28-39

Injury to Dobson
I gave up at this point. Someone really didnt want us to win it twice in a row.

Game 7:
2-7 blow out, despite us having more shots than Pittsburgh for the first time in the series: 35-34
Beauvillier was 77% before the game, Lee became game available (80%) so he started instead. ......And was injured for few more days in the process (of course he was).

I cant blame any of the players for the loss, in these circumstances they made it much closer than it should be, its just didnt mean to be i guess.

These are the players we were missing at different times throughout playoffs, and its been only 2 rounds:
- Cizikas
- Leddy
- Lee
- Beauvillier
- Wahlstrom
- Dobson

Best playoffs performers:


9 points in 12 games (2+7)
6 points in 11 games (4+2)
8 points in 12 games (2+6)

Cup was won by Edmonton, McDavid came back just at the right time (28 points in 24 games)

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