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Second part of the season went much better, for no apparent reason.

Well, Cizikas came back in january after a month of absence and he is very important player for the team ('bully line' works best with him in the center, he's also first choice for penalty kill). I would like to say goalies started to perform better, but it was a goalie who did - singular. Sorokin was getting more comfortable with each game, while Varlamov didnt start a single game in january (yeah i was still pissed at him )

Also i think we stayed relatively healthy for the rest of the season. Obviously we were getting hit by minor injuries all the time, but nothing major i can recall. Oh right, Leddy was getting hit by minor injuries every few weeks, to the point i started playing Dobson in 1st line, to avoid shuffling lines every week. That and the fact Dobson was actually playing very well.

After Komarov was gone, this guy took over filling the holes role: Bardreu - ratings
27yo already, 2.5 star who was just sitting there in Bridgeport. He actually was playing very good and he's here to stay for next year too.
As you can see his defensive ratings are solid, just what i needed from him. He also took over Wahlstrom's spot in PK lines and he improved their performance too.
Overall everyone started doing better, especially 3rd and 4th lines.

Ok so record for the rest of the year looked like this:

January: 7-2-1
February: 10-5-0
March 12-2-1
April 3-0-0

Thats 32-9-2 in 2021, compared to 17-19-3 in 2020.
Pretty nice turnaround, isnt it. And i didnt do much for it to happen, guys just decided they will win games now.
We ended regular season with 6 games winning streak, so it seems we're peaking at the right time to win another cup.

This time we have two players on the side lists.
On the left we got the captain Lee, who scored career high 51 goals! (20 in powerplay). 88 points is also his career high and best on the team.

On the right side we have a goalie again - this time Sorokin. Quite a feat for a rookie, altough he's already 25yo and after few years in KHL. Nevertheless he's for sure one of the main reasons we were able to salvage this season in the second part.


Full season stats:

Second in points was Barzal

3rd was Nelson - great season from him, 38 goals is his career high (19.2 S%)

Best defender was Dobson. Great season from 21yo, has potential to become one of the best defenseman in the league

And the last player i want to mention is rookie Wahlstrom. He was starting mainly in 4th line, in 3rd when Cizikas was injured and occasionally in 1st for when Kuznetsov was tired. In limited ice time he accumulated good amount of points, and he was even voted in to all-rookie team later.

Full list:
Season stats - skaters

Goalie stats:

Miserable season for Varlamov. He picked it up a bit near the end, but it was way too late to finish season with reasonable stats. Part of his problem might have been World Cup championship back in the offseason, when Russia went all the way to the final and he missed all preseason games (also didnt play any minute at the tournament). Either way he will probably stay as backup until he's traded or contract runs out.

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