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you could raise the age minimum, but i wouldn't push it too high, if at all.

what's the reason? i don't ask to dissuade or ask why, but it can help with suggestions.

e.g. i think removing mil, reducing draft size and using reserve roster helps speed up development?

further thought..

if the settings don't give us the ability to accomplish this, you can manually create your draft class each year. when you creat them in bulk you can definitely impact the level of their development. i believe you can randomize age range, quality and other aspects? pick and choose type thing.

if you can't leave certain aspects random, or they aren't created in a proper proportion similar to a normal draft, you'd have to overcome those problems in some creative way.

defintiely don't do anything major to pcm's... 1.000 works well for that matter. certain contexts might warrant it -- like playing historical era long-term that won't advance to hitting 6000 home runs. you might want to tone down power so that the other ratings becomes more heavily weighted, relatively speaking. for how many those player hit, you wouldn't need the full spectrum for stratification.

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