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Post No manager points end of the year

So, I'm playing from league, to league. I was on my second OHL year. I won championship and Memorial cup. So I didn't want to renew my contract anymore. But it gets automatically signed. That's fine, so I manually resigned. After I sim end of the season. I didn't get any manager points. On July 1st I get 0 job offers (Last year when there was pop up -option, where I can choose if I want to renew my contract. and I choosed "No" I get lots of job offers on July 1st. Its now November and I'm jobless. I got one job offer from OHL on October.

Other year when I resigned on mid of July (I was palying Mestis), I get job offer on August (OHL). I've been playing Suomi-Sarja 3 years, promoted to Mestis. In Mestis 2 years and after that 2 years OHL. So I've been free agent only two times.

My suggestion is, if there would be option or something if I wanna use that contract renew -pop up window or not. Because it worked fine when that was there. That was nice when there where a lots of job offers on July 1 and I got my manager points when I choose not to renew my contract.

Sorry my bad english, not my motherlanguage.
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