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Originally Posted by wodi View Post
I just can't imagine how anyone who downloads MLB manager can be considered a "casual" gamer. The game by its nature is for people who want a sim style experience. I don't get it.

Anyway, it's clear MLB manager has the lowest priority in the company. They're adding whatever owner goals is simply so they don't have the blacklash of putting out a game 2 years in a row with no upgrades.

I'm happy he game is coming out again, but it's abundantly clear how little the company views the game. I think that is the wrong move, the population is moving towards cell phones and tablets and away from pcs. Their core audience is in the pc I get that, but the way to attract new users is mobile. You can't convince me otherwise.

I still get the feeling one day they're just gonna give up on the game altogether. So I have 0 confidence in any overhaul ever, and I guess I'm just happy we're getting a 17 version.
Like you, I'm really puzzled by OOTP's attitude toward this game. It seems like they view it as something fairly lightweight that will capture and hold the attention of someone who might play WGT Baseball or MLB Perfect Inning, but it's not that kind of game at all. MLB Manager appeals to people who enjoy the strategic and tactical aspects of baseball, but also REALLY like statistics. The only way they're going to grow their audience for this game is to add features that support strategy, tactics, statistical depth, and--importantly--customization. And regarding customization, in the last (and current) version of the game, they broke or refused to update the very limited customization options they had allowed in the previous version, namely custom logos and ballparks (although, to be fair, they did eventually fix the custom ballpark option after the game had been out for several months). Improve those core features and the game will grow and succeed--stick with the casual gamer and you'll find that those guys are all playing Baseball Superstars 2017, not MLB Manager.

By the way, "owner goals" sounds a lot like "own goal" to me--in soccer, that's a catastrophe and if MLB Manager 2017 ships with only one or two new features, that would be a similar kind of mistake.
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