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Originally Posted by phillupi View Post
So there are 2 games? I saw the one Football Manager Touch 2017 for $19.99. And just found the mobile version for $8.99. What are the big differences?
FM Touch is a full-featured variant of the full blown PC/Mac game. Lots of tactical depth, deep management features, many leagues available to play, thousands of players, etc. Very immersive and you can spend a lot of time tweaking your team and its tactical priorities, training routines, roster, etc. There is a 3D match engine, too.

FM Mobile is a bit like MLB Manager: a big-button game that has stripped down the gameplay to only the most essential elements. It's actually quite fun, but it's more of a quick pick-up type of game where you can sim several seasons pretty quickly. Matches are shown in 2D, with moving dots simulating the movements of players on the field.

So, with Touch you get a game that is much closer to the PC/Mac version, but the tradeoff is you have to pay more money (compared to FM Mobile, which is priced a little higher than MLB Manager).
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