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Originally Posted by phillupi View Post
Since I am now a bit more saddened by this news tell me more about FM. As in soccer? And SI? Not sure who that is. Available for Apple or Android or both?
Yes, it's a soccer sim, very popular in Europe and increasingly the US.

I've played FM going back to 2005, PC initially then later the tablet version, and I've enjoyed the game very much. It was my gateway to actually following soccer and understanding the tactics etc. The developer, SI, is a big company with lots of resources, so it's a bit unfair to assume that OOTP Developments could adopt a similar multi-version, multi-platform strategy, but I feel it's a missed opportunity to not grow MLB Manager in the direction of increased sophistication and customization. These incremental updates will probably keep the current user base satisfied for maybe one, possibly two more years, but to really take off I think they need to do something that's closer to FM Touch, even if it's not completely identical to the PC/Mac version.
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