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Q: How often does a player reach base seven times in a single game and not score a single run?

A: It's happened only 4 times since 1960.

"It was easy to miss, given that the game was completed over two days, but in the Brewers/Marlins tilt that started Tuesday and was completed on Wednesday, Prince Fielder went 4-for-4, and walked three times (twice intentionally). You don’t see a guy reach base seven times in one game all that often.

You definitely don’t see a guy reach base seven times in one game without scoring a single run, yet that’s what Fielder did. True, two of his walks were intentional, but that still meant he reached base five times of his own accord, once on a double, and yet his teammates could not drive him in even once. Bill Hall and Johnny Estrada, the two batters behind him in the lineup, combined to go 2-for-13.

You should carews on by and have a look, but be home blyleven, at the list of stranded honorees linked below.

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