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Gagnon 30 03-22-2016 06:47 PM

old player wants back into ootp!
I own several copies of this game buy non since 10.

I am a bug e graphics modder amd loved making custom jerseys logos ect.

Is it true with this version your teams get other home and away jerseys?

Are stadium and other graphics still easily imported?

endgame 03-22-2016 07:10 PM

Logos, jerseys (both home and away, yes), and small skin mods, etc... all have made a lot of progress. A lot of the same, just built in different ways by a lot of great modders and, in addition, helpful programs to assist those not so familiar with the process.

Stadiums? Well, of course the new 3D addition provides a LOT of potential. Many MLB stadiums already done and provided, but fictional work requires a great deal of patience and skill in specific programs. I think many, including myself, still rely on basic stadiums or previous fictional work. But room to grow in that area, too. If you're up for a challenge, probably a bit of a learning curve, and have the patience and talent, we always appreciate new or renewed user's contributions. You betcha!

Most of the modders can answer direct and specific questions. I'm just letting you know there's been changes, all for the better I think, and they continue to be the best! We're very grateful for them.

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