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bob 07-18-2013 01:57 PM

few bugs
found some bug in the game .

ability for coach change . example . if you take any coach they got 18 attack training . if you want him for your team . when you gonna change for your team . the number they have on is ability will change for the number they got example if he got 18 attack and is number is 5 , he's gonna have 5 after your modification . same with every personnel you gonna have it .

after 2 or 3 season . we have another problem some players of other league enter in nhl players stats , so at the end of season its not the nhl players who wins the trophy but the gauys in others league . you see actually the winner for art ross trophy he going to : Kristian Jurak with 194 pts and he got 14 years old and played for Western Slovakia U14 .

award don't work yet .

for leader board they work for first letter of there last name . can we gonna have all in the same one at the final version ?

RFA don't work yet , and when the players wait for offer sheet . he accept to go with the other team and we don't have nothing .. example 6 or 7 millions we supposed to have 4 1e round pick .

when we put 0 in salary cap ... no idea how it works but they ask every time to get more to the salary floor .

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