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battists 06-15-2006 10:55 AM

Get the Latest OOTPB XML File Here
Since the release of the first patch, we've been continuing to update and improve OOTPB's in-game text based on feedback from the community. The file linked below, english.xml, is the most current release of the OOTPB in-game text. This includes both play-by-play commentary and news articles.

This file can be installed at any time, and it will have no adverse impact on your OOTPB installation or any saved games. There is no software uninstall or install required; you only have to replace one file.

Version Release Date:

The latest version was part of the 1.0.2 patch, so no file is posted here currently.

Installation instructions are included in the zip file.

Special thanks to OOTPB community member Tysok for his work beyond the call of duty. Much of his feedback has been incorporated into this file.

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