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DrunkenTeddy 03-21-2019 11:35 AM

Federal Hockey League
I'm creating a new thread because our old commissioner left us and a few of the league members took over and have been running this league now. We've also moved to a new forum and a new discord server and didn't want to confuse anyone by bumping the old thread that we can't edit. We are just about to start Free Agency tomorrow (game date July 1, 2019). Nashville won the cup in 18/19 and lots of teams are trying to build to have a shot this coming season. Here are the details if you're interested:

League Website: http://thefhl.boards.net
Available Teams and GM Applications: http://thefhl.boards.net/thread/16/f...ons-open-teams
Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/XN4bahy
Regular Season Sim Schedule: We will sim 7 days on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays (Schedule may vary for playoffs/off-season)

If you're interested in joining:
1) Register and apply here: http://thefhl.boards.net/thread/16/f...ons-open-teams
2) Join us on discord: https://discord.gg/XN4bahy

If you have any questions; feel free to PM me here, or join our Discord channel.

TGH-Adfabre 03-21-2019 01:07 PM

Very well run league.
Trade happy which is a lot of fun
Good leadership and very active Gms. Discord is used daily.
The commissioners have done an excellent job working through this second FHM attempt at online play.

DrunkenTeddy 04-02-2019 07:32 PM

Current Open Teams (as of April 2, 2019):

Buffalo Sabres
Carolina Hurricanes
Columbus Blue Jackets
LA Kings
Minnesota Wild
New Jersey Devils
Tampa Bay Lightning

TGH-Adfabre 04-09-2019 01:00 AM

Excellent league if you want active Gms and good commissioners.

Romagoth 04-10-2019 02:03 PM

This is a great league with active GM's. Still have several teams left, come get yours.

DrunkenTeddy 05-28-2019 03:19 PM

We have some openings if anyone just picked up the game and is interested in joining an online league, check us out:

Schifty 06-27-2019 08:00 PM

Just an update

Great team, great staff, simulation regulary... we are on our 2nd off-season, 3rd season will start soon.

Vegas and Chicago available
Anaheim Ducks
Chicago Blackhawks
Pittsburgh Penguins
San Jose Sharks
Vegas Golden Knights

Come to see us !

Romagoth 07-04-2019 12:45 AM

San Jose and Anaheim only teams open now. Come join a great FHM5 league!

Romagoth 08-20-2019 04:53 PM

FHL open teams
FHL is looking to add some GM's who are active, polite, and love hockey. No experience? Great! Lots of experience? Also Great!

We currently have the following teams open at the 2021 trade deadline:

San Jose

This is a great league with a solid core of active GM's, we just need some new blood. See the first post in this thread for more info and/or PM one of us with questions.

Kelunis 08-24-2019 08:05 PM

FHL is looking to add some GM's who are active, polite, and love hockey. No experience? Great! Lots of experience? Also Great!

We currently have the following teams open for the 2021 season:

San Jose

TGH-Adfabre 08-29-2019 11:09 PM

Great league, very active GMs and commissioners. Sims are regular and administration is handled very well.

If you are interested in online hockey this is an excellent league.

Romagoth 09-09-2019 03:00 PM

Still have some good open teams!
FHL is currently in the 3rd round of 2021 playoffs and have a few teams looking for GM's:


Please send a DM or respond in this thread if interested. This is a great time to take over a team, you have a short bit of time to assess things before the draft and offseason.

DrunkenTeddy 09-13-2019 01:14 PM

Join us on discord if you're interested and we can give more details about each team.

Romagoth 09-15-2019 04:59 PM


Romagoth 09-26-2019 01:11 AM

FHL currently has one opening:

Los Angeles Kings

This is a thriving league just entering 2021 free agency as we head into the 2022 season. If interested, please send a DM or post here.

Romagoth 11-10-2019 11:44 PM

We currently have several openings and are looking for dedicated and active GM's for the following teams:

Anaheim Ducks - Currently a playoff team
Detroit Red Wings - Original 6 team, rebuilding with some nice young pieces
LA Kings - Currently a playoff team
New Jersey Devils - Currently a playoff team
San Jose Sharks - Currently 9 points out of a playoff spot
Toronto Maple Leafs - Original 6 team, currently in a playoff spot

We are halfway through the 2022 season and will be transitioning to FHM6 after the current season. Please send a DM or post here if interested.

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