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Heinstein 02-17-2019 05:37 PM

Issue with Trade screen
So, trying to complete a trade and it appears the screen is scrunched and laying over itself in places which makes finding the "Complete Trade" button impossible to click on. I have also noticed when I look at a players stats, they are scrunched like the cells are overlapping making the numbers difficult to see. I did manage to link my Steam screenshots so it is the first one; my limited skills are not figuring how to link the shot. Don't seem to have any issues with any other game on screen resolution so is there a setting to adjust or fix this?


NoOne 02-19-2019 03:29 PM

use a smaller font size in ootp settings or increase your resolution of your display.

settings -- when app first loads "settings", not settings in a league. you can access them after loading a league too, of course. may not go into effect immediately though. if it requires a restart it'll either say something or obviously no change will be seen.

usually some scroll bars should appear if things take up too much room. may want to post that screenshot of not being able to click "trade" in bugs forum or maybe future suggestions? while the truncation is impossible to avoid with your combination of text size and resolution, the scroll bars should become visible when necessary.

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