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Muzamba 12-14-2015 07:18 PM

Need Help Creating a Fictional (Historical?) League
Ok, so I'm assuming what I want to do here isn't possible. However, I'd like to explain exactly what I'd LIKE to do and see how close I can actually get to making it happen.

I want to set up a league with fictional teams and players.

Each team will have a 25-man active roster and a minor league system (necessary size to be determined).

Now here's where it starts to get complicated...

I'd like to start the league with each major league team having about a dozen minor league players that I have created. Each of these players will have names, biographical info, and ratings. All of them are rated so that they will have a realistic shot at making the big leagues. Eventually, I want each of these players to reach the majors. I would like the rest of the minors to be filled with "ghost players" who never reach the majors. Preferably, I'd like to never have to know their names or anything about them, i.e. read about them in news stories, reports, etc.

Every year, I would like to import (preferably automatically) about 5-10 new players that I've created into the league and have each of them eventually reach the majors, as well. Ideally, they could even be imported randomly (random debut?) from my database. I would strongly prefer that each of these players at least start out with the major league team whose farm team I've assigned them to, but I would like them to be able to randomly switch teams via trades and free agency at any time after their big league debut.

And that's the gist of it.

Now, even though I've been playing OOTP practically since the beginning, I've never had an interest in playing an historical replay league. However, I've had enough exposure to the game in general that I have at least a very rudimentary understanding of how historicals work. So if anyone wishes to respond to this, you may assume that I'm at least marginally familiar with the terminology and overall concept. (I'll ask for clarification if I need it, though.)

But given what I (think I) DO know about historicals, a lot of what I'm attempting to do here could be accomplished by running it as an historical league. However, because I want my players to merely have RATINGS and not pre-determined STATS, I don't know if that is possible using historicals.

I've tried thinking of a way to do this - even if it meant manually adding the new players every year - in just a normal fictional league, but that would seem to leave me stuck with all the minor league "filler" players I don't want.

So, can anyone think of a way I can at least come close to setting up and maintaing a league like this?

italyprof 12-15-2015 04:23 PM

If I understand correctly, you want a fictional league, not a historical league, and there doesn't seem to be anything impossible about what you want to do at all (not that I necessarily how to do some of them), but it is only thinking about it as a historical league and not a fictional league that is confusing you I think.

stl jason 12-15-2015 04:54 PM

maybe I'm reading too much into it, but I think you're misinterpreting how the historical league works... even though it's using real players and can base their ratings/abilities off their real career numbers, there are no "predetermined stats" for them. Once the game starts rolling, anything can happen.

Factor into that the ability to setup a 'historical' league, but not have the players go to their real teams (they just go into a draft pool for anyone to pick), and that you can make their debut year random as well (so you could start a league in 1901 that has an inaugural draft class with Randy Johnson, Stan Musial, Ty Cobb and Sandy Koufax all rookies). You expect them to perform up to their real life numbers, but that's not always the case. (example: I'm fast simming a historical league that's up to the year 2100 right now. I went back to look at some players to see how they measured up to their real numbers. One current player really jumped out, and not in a good way... Yadier Molina only played one year in the majors, and only got 6 ABs before he suffered a CEI and was done... and what's more disturbing :p, the Cubs have won 16 WS and are the real-life Yankees of this universe).

for the minor league players you want to create, you can add/edit/delete any players you want; but they all might not make it to the majors (could get a CEI in the minors, just not live up to potential, etc). You can probably force them to get there, but if left completely up to the game, it's never 100% guaranteed.

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