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Ajt1978 07-02-2019 11:18 PM

1994 Phillies
Hello all.

This will be my 1st post on a OOTP fourum. I have decided to relive the 1994 season for the Philadelphia Phillies. Any philly fan will never forget Joe Carter breaking our hearts in game 6 with a dramatic walk off home run off of Mitch Williams back in 93 :crying:

1994 was a strike shortened season. The phillies would go 54-61. The expos at the time of strike were 74-40, 20 1/2 games ahead of the Phillies. It would be safe to say that the phillies would not be repeating as nl east champs.

Well in this simulation we will find out if the phillies have what it takes to get back to the World Series.

In my next post i will go over my roster. I will also include any free agent signings, proposed trades Completed/Rejected and waiver wire pickups before I start Spring training.

Ajt1978 07-04-2019 01:21 AM

Here is my 25 man roster as of now.

Pitchers 1993 Statistics

The Starters
Curt Schilling 16-7 4.02 ERA
Danny Jackson 12-11 3.77 ERA
Tommy Greene 16-4 3.42 ERA
Ben Rivera 13-9 5.02 ERA
Fernando Valenzuela 8-10 4.94 ERA(Baltimore)

The Relievers

Roger Mason 5-12 4.02 ERA(San Diego & Phila)
David West 6-4 2.92 ERA 3sv
Larry Andersen 3-2 2.92 ERA
Heathcliff Slocumb 3-1 4.28 ERA(Chicago Cubs & Cle)
Doug Jones 4-10 4.54 ERA 26 Saves

The Lineup

Lenny Dykstra CF 305 Avg 19 Hr 66 Rbi 37 Sb
Mickey Morandini 2B 247 Avg 3 Hr 33 Rbi 13 Sb
John Kruk 1B 316 Avg 14 Hr 85 Rbi 6 Sb
Darren Daulton C 257 Avg 24 Hr 105 Rbi 5 Sb
Dave Hollins 3B 273 Avg 18 Hr 93 Rbi
Jim Eisenrich RF 318 Avg 7 Hr 54 Rbi 5 Sb
Milt Thompson LF 262 Avg 4 Hr 44 Rbi 9 Sb
Kevin Stocker SS 324 Avg 2 Hr 31 Rbi 5 Sb

Platoon Players
Wes Chamberlin RF 282 Avg 12 Hr 45 Rbi
Pete Incaviliga LF 274 Avg 24 Hr 89 Rbi
Mariano Duncan 2B 282 Avg 11 Hr 73 Rbi 6 Sb

The Bench
Ricky Jordan 1B 289 Avg 5 Hr 18 Rbi
Todd Pratt C 287 Avg 5 Hr 13 Rbi
Toni Longmire OF 231 Avg 1 Rbi in 13 ab
Randy Ready Inf 254 Avg 1 Hr 10 Rbi(Montreal)

Up Next: Any Trades Accepted/Rejected before Spring Training.

Ajt1978 07-04-2019 02:19 PM

Trades Part 1 1994
Happy 4th of July everyone.

Here are a list of trade proposals that have been offered from other teams and my trade proposals to other teams and the results.

Jan 5th

The NYY offer my LF Luis Polonia and Minor League SS Authur Davis for LF Pete Incaviiga. This is a No go. The reason is this is a 27 million dollar salary dump for the Yankees. Luis has alot of pros. You can hit him leadoff or 2nd. He is a decent hitter who will hit anywhere from 270 to 290. He will draw a few walks and is a good contact hitter. He will steal alot of bases however he is 30 and I don't forsee him getting any faster as he gets older plus he hits for zero power. For 5 million dollars a year that is to much money to take on for the type of player he is.

Jan 10th

The STL offer me LF Benard Gilkey and Minor League C Curt Hickin for P Tommy Greene and Minor League Outfielder Arnie Daniels. After some debate I decide to pull the trigger. Tommy Greene is coming off a really nice year however Benard Gilkey has a very team friendly contract, hes an established everyday outfielder who can hit for some pop, hit for a nice avg, steal a few bases and hit 2nd in my line up. This will create a bit of a log jam in my outfield so I will put out Milt Thompson and Pete Incaviliga on the market and see what I can get.

Jan 12th

I move LF Pete Incaviliga to the Twins for LH Jim Deshaies and I also get the GM to throw in Minor League P Mike Fisher who will start off the season in Single A. I lose a power bat but I do get a Solid #3 pitcher in Jim Deshaies who is 33 and is on a team friendly contract through the 95 season. This deal has no major financial ramifications to either club.

Jan 15th

I move LF Milt Thompson to the Colorado Rockies for P Greg Harris. Greg is a pitcher who can both start and relieve and has been successful at both, also he is on the last year of his deal. If he works out great if not ohh well. We saved a small amount of money in this deal.

Ajt1978 07-04-2019 11:46 PM

Trades Part 2
Well after a quiet 4 weeks the Red Sox GM comes knocking on my door with an offer that you wouldn't see every day.

Feb 10th

The Boston Redsox offer me RHP Roger Clemens in Exchange for CF Lenny Dykstra and Minor League RHP Cristian Morales. Hmmm a chance to get a Pitcher of Clemens caliper and Resume is not something that will happen everyday. Giving up a player like Lenny Dykstra is not easy. When he is healthy he is one of the best if not the best lead off hitter in the game. I ask myself am I going to get the 1993 version or even the 1990 version when he hit 325 or the 1991 or 1992 version when he was hurt? I also look at clemens as he is coming off an off year, he is in the last year of his contract and he is only 31. Best case scenario he pitches his behind off for a new contract, worse case scenario he walks and I get a 1st round pick for who ever signs him.

I tell the red sox I need CF Otis Nixon in the deal and a low level Minor league pitcher(RHP Dave Doster Rookie league) in the deal they agree.

Otis Nixon is a Luis Polonia type of player. He is 35. On the last year of his contract. He still has decent speed, will hit 270 to 280, a decent contact hitter who will get his share of walks however he has little power. In no way shape or form is he Lenny Dykstra's equal but I'm not counting on Lenny hitting 19 home runs again or hit over 300 again either.

Feb 13th

Since I now have Roger Clemens on my Pitching staff I need to let a starter go. I trade Fernando Valenzuela to the White Sox for Minor Leaguer 1B Juan Sanchez. He will start off the season in AAA.

Ajt1978 07-04-2019 11:55 PM

Spring Training
Spring Training was well Spring Training. The goal is to get ready for the season without getting any key players hurt. Its also an an opportunity to call up some extra people off the 40 man roster and see what they can do. Even though our record was 8-16 everyone did pretty much what I expected. Two injuries did occur to 2 of my regulars that will cause them to miss the opening series in Colorado starting Apr 4th.

Mar 6th SS Kevin Stocker Out for 5 weeks with a knee injury running the base paths. Damaged Meniscus. 15 day DL

March 25th CF Otis Nixon Out for 1 week Pinched nerve in the neck.

Next up my Roster for Opening day.

Ajt1978 07-05-2019 11:17 PM

Opening Day
Here is My opening Day Roster for the opener in Colorado.

Starting Pitchers

1. Roger Clemens RHP
2. Curt Schilling RHP
3. Danny Jackson LHP
4. Ben Rivera RHP
5. Jim Deshaies LHP


Roger Mason RHP
Greg Harris RHP
Heathcliff Slocumb RHP
David West LHP
Larry Andersen RHP
Doug Jones RHP Closer

Darren Daulton LH
Todd Pratt RH

John Kruk 1B LH
Ricky Jordan 1B RH
Mickey Morandini 2B LH
Mariano Duncan 2B RH
Randy Ready UT RH
Dave Hollins 3B SW
Octavio Nunez 1B SW(Will be sent to AAA when Kevin Stocker comes off the DL)

Beneard Gilkey LF SW
Otis Nixon CF SW
Jim Eiesenrich RF LH
Wes Chamberlin RF RH
Tony Longmire LF LH

Ajt1978 07-05-2019 11:37 PM

Opener and road trip Part 1
Our first six games are on the road.

Apr 4th @col W 6-5
Apr 6th @col L 5-4
Apr 7th @col W 7-6(10)
Apr 8th @cin L 8-3
Apr 9th @cin L11-4
Apr 10th @cin W 5-2

Apr 4th We fall behind 4-1 after 3 innings.Our Ace Roger Clemens gives up 4 er over 3 innings. Mariano Duncan hits a 2 Run HR to tie the game in the 6th. We take the lead for good in the 7th. Our Bullpen only gives up 1 run in 6 innings. Doug Jones escapes a 9th inning jam to get his 1st Save.

Apr 5th Kevin Stocker comes off the DL and Octavio Nunez is sent to AAA

Curt Schilling pitched 7 strong innings giving up 3 runs. Dave Hollins hits his 1st 2 home runs of the year, Ricky Jordan ties the game in the 8th with a pinch hit home run. We grab the lead in the 9th only for Doug jones to give up 2 runs in the 9th to Lose the game. Otis Nixon gets injured as well. Pinched Nerve in the neck again.(15 Day DL) I call OF Clark Phillips to replace Nixon's roster Spot.

Apr 6th We fall behind 4-2 after 5. Danny Jackson Battled through 5. Jim eisenrich hits a grand glam off Steve Reed in the top of the 6 and we take the lead however Heathcliff Slocumb gives up the lead in the bottom of the inning. We take the lead in the 10th. Doug Jones gets the W pitching 2 scoreless innings.

Ajt1978 07-05-2019 11:48 PM

Opener and Road trip part 2
After a hard fought series we go and visit the reds. The 1st two games did not go well.

April 8th Ben Rivera labors through 5 1/3 giving up 8 hits and 3 runs. The score is tied is the reds half of the 8th inning unitl a Clark Phillips error leads to 5 unearned in the inning. Reds starter John Smiley pitches 8 solid innings to get the Win

Apr 9th Down 11-0 after 2. Jim Deshaies dosen't get out of the 1st inning. David West and Larry Andersen Struggle. Greg Harris pitches 5 solid innings to save the bullpen and even gets a stolen base. Darren Daulton Connects for his 1st Homer of the year in the 6th off Jose Rijo.

April 10th Roger Clemens pitches 8 strong innings giving up 2 runs which will hopefully be the 1st of many wins here in Philly. Dave hollins connects for his 3rd homer and Doug Jones pitches a perfect 9th for his 2nd save.

Ajt1978 07-07-2019 01:45 AM

1st Home stand of 1994
8 Game Home stand

Apr 11th Col L 3-2
Apr 13th Col L 2-1
Apr 14th Col L 11-8
Apr 15th Cin W 3-2
Apr 16th Cin W 4-3(10)
Apr 17th Cin W 8-1
Apr 18th LAD W 10-8
Apr 19th LAD W 11-0

Apr 11th Schilling goes 7 2/3 giving up 3 runs for the Loss. Larry Andersen Struggles again and gives up 3 runs in the top of the 9th as the rockies pull away.

April 13th Outstanding effort by Danny Jackson giving up no runs in 6 innings. Heathcliff Slocumb Struggles again giving up two runs in the top of the 7th taking the loss. Kruk and Hollins had 2 hits a piece.

Apr 14th Both teams combined for 26 hits(13 a piece for each team). Ben Rivera only goes two innings. H Slocumb gives up 4 more runs. Darren Daulton Connects for his 2nd homer and Jimmy Eisenrich gets 3 hits to raise his avg to 444. This is not eough as we are swept by the rockies on the 1st home stand of 94.

Apr 15th Outstanding effort by the bullpen. 5 1/3 innings of scoreless pitching as Deshaies labors into the 4th inning. Kruker hits his 1 homer of the year and D Jones picks up his 3rd save.

Apr 16th Another outstanding performance by the rocket. 8 strong innings but it would take extra innings to win this one. Doug Jones gets his 2nd win and Eisey gets 3 more hits. His Avg is a lofty 457 :ohmy:

April 17th A easy win. Schilling pitches 7 giving up 1 run. Dave Hollins hits his 4th homer of the year. Benard gilkey goes 3 for 5 with his 1st homer of the year and 4 ribbies. Eisey pinch hits in the 7th and gets a single. Avg up to 472. Back to 500 on the year after the sweep of the reds.

Apr 18th Offense was a plenty in this one as both teams combined for 28 hits. Beneard Gilkey had 3 hits and two runs scored. Mariano Duncan has a pinch hit bases loaded double in the 8th to give us some much needed breath room. Doug Jones comes in and strikes out Brett Butler to pick up his 4th Save. No hits for eisey but 3 walks and 2 runs helped.

April 19th. Ben Rivera was the story here as he pitches a CG SHO. He scattered 5 hits and strikes ot 8. Daulton and Kruk go yard. Randy Ready hits a pinch homer and eisey adds two more hits.

Off to the West coast for 7 games.

Ajt1978 07-08-2019 12:16 AM

West Coast 7 games
7 game road trip

Apr 20th @ SF L5-3
Apr 21st @ SF L2-1
Apr 22nd @ SD W 8-3
Apr 23rd @ SD W 9-1
Apr 24th @ SD L 4-3
Apr 26th @ LA W 4-3
Apr 27th @ LA W 9-5

Apr 20th Another Shaky Start by Deshaies. 5 runs in 3 innings pitched. Bullpen pitched well to give us a chance to come back but we come up short. Eisey goes 2 for 4 AVG is at 457.

Apr 21st Roger Clemens dominates the giants going 7 innings striking out 10 but gets the no decison. Larry Andersen gives up a Homer to Matt Williams in the bottom of the 8th.

Apr 22nd Otis nixon comes off the DL while fill in Clark Phillps is sent back to AAA. Schillings pitches 5 2/3 innings to get his 2nd win. David west gets a six out save. Kruk and Daulton go yard and Eisey gets 2 more hits.

Apr 23rd A 7 run 2nd inning propels us to an easy win. Randy Ready in a spot start at 2b hits a grand slam in the 2nd inning. A strong start by Danny Jackson earns him his 1st win of the year.

Apr 24th We have a 3-0 lead after the 1st inning. Ben rivera has another Solid start going six and giving up 1 run. Doug Jones gives up a two run homer to Keith lochart in the bottom of the 9th for his 2nd blown save.

Apr 26th Another Game we get an early 3 run lead and another time we let the opposition come back however we score a run in the top of the 9th and Doug Jones slams the door for his 5th save of the season.

Apr 27th. Clemens struggles in this one giving up 5 runs as we are down 5-1 after 4 but we score 8 unanswered to take the game. Eisey hits his 2nd homer and is still hitting over 400(409 to be exact), Daulton knocks in two runs and Nixon Steals 2 bases and scores two runs.

Time to head home and get ready for the Red Hot SF giants,

Ajt1978 07-08-2019 11:58 PM

April Recap 13 W 10 L
Apr 29th SF L 7-3
Apr 30th SF W 6-5(11)

We Finish April with a record of 13-10 good for 1st place 2 games ahead of Florida

Apr 29th Schilling struggles giving up a grand slam home run to Darryl Strawberry. Matt Williams and Bonds homer as well. Benard Gilkey collects two hits.

April 30th Danny Jackson is unable to hold a 5 run lead. The bullpen bails us out yet Again with some stellar pitching as we win the game in the 11th. Nixon and Gilkey have 2 hits a piece

Performance Recap


Roger Clemens 1-0 in 5 starts 4.20 ERA
Curt Schilling 2-2 in 5 starts 3.86 ERA
Danny Jackson 1-0 in 5 starts 3.86 ERA
Ben Rivera 1-0 in 4 starts 1cg sho 2.01 ERA
Jim Deshaies 0-2 in 4 starts 8.76 ERA

Doug Jones 3-2 with 5 saves in 10 games 3.60 ERA

The Line up
Nixon 294 Avg 0 Hr 1 rbi 6 sb
B Gilkey 289 Avg 1 Hr 14 rbi 3 sb
J Kruk 290 Avg 3 Hr 11 rbi
D Daulton 263 Avg 4 Hr 13 rbi
D Hollins 309 Avg 5 Hr 9 rbi
J Eisenrich 365 Avg 2 Hr 13 rbi 4 Sb
M Morandini 288 Avg 2 Hr 13 Rbi 2 Sb
K Stocker 261 Avg 0 Hr 8 Rbi 2 Sb

W Chamberlin 286 Avg 0 Hr 1 Rbi
R Ready 280 Avg 2 Hr 11 Rbi 1 Sb

Ajt1978 07-09-2019 12:11 AM

May 1st to May 4th
May 1st SF L 9-5
May 2nd SD W 11-4
May 3rd SD L 3-1
May 4th SD L 5-3

May 1st Ben Rivera is not sharp giving up 6 runs in 4 innings. Randy Ready hits a 2 run Pinch Homer in the 7th to make the score more respectable. D Daulton Collects two hits. A Double and a homer.

May 2nd The offense came to play today. Kruk has three hits one of them being a homer. Mickey Morandini is a double away from the cycle. Top of the order, Otis Nixon and B Gilkey go 5-9 with 4 runs scored.

After another short start by J Deshaies I will move him to the bullpen. Greg Harris will get at least 1 start while I figure out what to do with Deshaies.

May 3rd. Clemens struggles with his Command walking 5 in 7 innings taking the loss. We score a lone run in the 9th to avoid being shutout.

May 4th Schilling goes 8 but gives up 5 runs 2 of them coming via the long ball. Eisey hits his 3rd homer of the year bringing his Avg back to 382.

Ajt1978 07-09-2019 11:17 PM

7 Game road Trip 4 @ Fl 3 @ Atl
After losing 4 of 6 at home we hit the road for 7 games against division rivals Florida and Atlanta.

May 5th @FL W 4-3
May 6th @FL W 6-4
May 7th @FL W 7-6
May 8th @FL L 4-2
May 9th @ATL W 4-3
May 10th @ATL W 9-7
May 11th @ATL W 11-7

May 5th Danny Jackson picks up his 2nd win of the year going 6 1/3 innings giving up 2 runs. David West strikes out the side in the bottom of the 9th for his 2nd save. Otis Nixon reaches base 4 times.

May 6th Ben Rivera recovers nicely from his last start pitching 6 strong innings. Heathcliff Slocumb struggles again. John kruk hits his 5th homer of the year and Doug Jones pitches a clean 9th inning for his 7th save.

May 7th Before the game I send H Slocumb to the minors and call up Toby Borland.

Greg Harris gets the start and pitches just 1 inning giving up 3 runs :mad:
The bullpen comes through with 8 innings giving up 3 runs. Randy Ready fills in for Dave Hollins and gets 3 hits. Eisey collects two hits one of those being his 4th home run. D Jones gets his 8th Save

May 8th Clemens struggles through 6 innings giving up 10 hits and 4 runs to get his 2nd loss of the year. Dave Hollins goes 3 for 4 hitting his 6th homer.

May 9th Before the game I sign Eisey 2 a two year contract extension worth 5 million a year. He rewards me with 2 more hits. Schilling out duels Greg Maddux Pitching 8 innings giving up 3 runs. Doug Jones picks up Save Number 9.

May 10th I make a trade with the mets. I trade Angry Pitcher Jim Deshaies for Angry Pitcher Mike Remlinger who was in AAA and pitching well.

Danny Jackson pitches 7 innings giving up 2 runs. However a Tony Longmire error in the bottom of the 8th leads to 5 Atlanta runs, however we comeback and score 5 runs in the top of the 9th(4 off Mark Wohlers) to take a 9-7 lead. Nixon, Gilkey and Stocker combine for 4 runs, 4 rbi and 7 hits. Daulton walks 3 times and scores twice. Mickey Morandini has a 2 run pinch single in the 8th. Toby Borland gets 1 out to collect his 1st win and D Jones gets his 10th save.

May 11th We are down 7-3 after 3 innings as B Rivera struggled. Our bullpen was clutch and allows to score 8 unanswered runs. B Gilkey hits 2 home runs, Daulton hits his 6th. Only sad news is Otis Nixon runs into another wall and has a Strained rib cage muscle and will be out 7 weeks. Clark phillips will be recalled from the minors to replace him.

Ajt1978 07-11-2019 12:05 AM

10 game Home stand 4 vs Pit 3 Vs Mon 3 VS NYM
May 12th Pgh W 6-4
May 13th Pgh W 3-2
May 14th Pgh L 8-4
May 15th Pgh L 3-2
May 16th Mon L 6-4
May 17th Mon W 4-3(12)
May 18th Mon W 11-3
May 20th NYM W 6-0
May 21st NYM W 3-1
May 22nd NYM W 10-1

May 12th Mike Remlinger has a successful Phillies debut pitching into the 8th giving up 1 run collecting his 1st win. Clark Phillips goes 2 for 4 and D jones gets his 11th save.

May 13th The Rocket strikes out 10 over 7 innings. Ricky Jorday goes 2 for 2 hitting his 2nd homer of the year. Darren Daulton hits a walkoff HR of Alejandro Pena in the 9th to win it.

May 14th Schilling cruises through the 1st 5 innings before giving up 4 runs in the 6th. Kruker goes 5 for 5 with 2 rbis. Clark phillips collects 3 more hits.

May 15th. Another solid start for Danny Jackson goes to waste as he pitches into the 8th giving up 2 runs. Gary Varsho hits a homer off roger Mason in the top of the 9th to lead the pirates to a split in the series.

May 16th Ben Rivera struggles to pitch into the 3rd giving up 5 runs. The bullpen gives up 1 run in 6 1/3 innings. Kruk and Randy ready have 2 hits a piece.

May 17th Mike Remlinger gives me 5 innings. John kruk gives me his 6th Homer of the year. Dave Hollins has 3 hits and Doug jones pitches 3 Scoreless innings to get his 4th win of the year.

May 18th Roger Clemens has his 2nd straight quality start pitching 6 innings giving up two runs. Eisey has 4 hits, Daulton and C Phillips have 3 hits to lead the offensive attack.

May 20th Schilling is the story here pitching 8 shutout innings. Daulton hits his 8th homer. Kruk has 3 hits. Gilkey and phillips add 2 hits a piece.

May 21st D Jackson gets rewarded with his 3rd win of the year pitching 8 innings. Doug Jones gets his 12th Save.

May 22nd The good Ben Rivera shows up pitching his 2nd complete game of the year giving up 1 run. Daulton Homers again for his 9th of the year.

Ajt1978 07-11-2019 10:53 PM

Three games @ STL
May 23rd @ Stl L 5-2
May 24th @ Stl L 7-1
May 25th @ Stl L 2-0

May 23rd Remlinger pitches 6 solid innings giving up 3 runs however the offense can only muster 2 runs. Daulton continues his hot hitting going 2 for 4.

May 24th Clemens has command issues walking 5 which results in 5 runs for the Cards. The offense, well its a long year.

May 25th Schilling pitches 7 solid innings to no avail. The offense only has two hits.

Ajt1978 07-11-2019 11:35 PM

May recap 16 Wins 13 Loses
May 27th Hou W 6-4
May 28th Hou L 9-1
May 29th Hou L 7-5
May 30th @ CHC L 4-3
May 31st @ CHC W 6-5

May 27th D Jack battles through 7 innings to get his 4th win. Daulton hits a 3 run Home run in the 3rd to get the offense going. Eisey and kruk have 2 hits a piece. D Jones gets his 13th save.

May 28th Ben Rivera has a decent outing going 6 1/3 but sloppy defense hurts us all game long. Daulton hits his 11th homer of the year.

May 29th A tough loss. We hold a 5-3 lead in the top of the 9th but D jones coughs it up giving up 4 runs. Kruk goes 4 for 4 with his 7th Homer.

May 30th Before the Cubs game I make a minor trade with the cubs. I give up Tony Longmire for Willie Wilson. Willie has 12 stolen bases in limited playing time plus he is a true center fielder. Clark Phillips will stay on the roster as of now.

Things start out well as Willie Wilson's 1st swing as a phillie leads to a Home run. We are unable to hold a 3-0 lead. Roger Clemens struggles again and gets hurt in the 4th inning. He has a strained bisceps muscle and will miss 4 weeks.

May 31st I put Clemens on the 15 day dl and call up Jim Haley from AAA.
A gritty win for the phillies. Schilling slogs through 7 to get his 5th Win. Dave hollins goes 3 for 4 with 3 runs and 2 rbis. Doug Jones Pitches a hairy 9th for his 14th Save.

Pitching YTD Stats

Roger Clemens 2-3 11 Starts 4.57 ERA
Curt Schilling 5-5 11 Starts 3.89 ERA
Danny Jackson 4-0 10 Starts 3.12 ERA
Ben Rivera 3-3 10 Starts 2cg 1 Sho 4.58 ERA
Mike Remlinger 1-1 4 Starts 3.42 ERA

Doug Jones 4-3 14 Saves in 22 games 3.65 ERA
David West 1-0 2 Saves in 20 games 3.32 ERA
Greg Harris 0-1 in 20 games(1 Start) 4.44 ERA
Larry Andersen 2-1 in 26 games 2.40 ERA
Roger Mason 3-2 in 25 games 3.41 ERA
Toby Borland 2-0 in 12 games 3.21 ERA

The Line up YTD
O Nixon 280 Avg 4 rbi 9 SB(On DL)
B Gilkey 280 Avg 5 Hr 26 rbi 4 SB
John Kruk 312 Avg 7 Hr 32 rbi
D Dauton 278 Avg 11 Hr 29 rbi
D Hollins 287 Avg 6 Hr 22 rbi
J Eisenrich 347Avg 4 Hr 26 rbi 7 SB
M Morandini 304 Avg 4 Hr 27 rbi 6 SB
K Stocker 299 Avg 23 rbi 3 SB

C Phillips 233 Avg 14 rbi 6 SB
Willie Wilson 4 for 10 1hr and 1sb
Randy Ready 309 Avg 3 Hr 17 rbi 2 SB
R Jordan 259 Avg 2 Hr 7 rbi
W Chamberlin 179 Avg 2 rbi 1 SB
M Duncan 233 Avg 1 Hr 10 rbi
T Pratt 188 Avg 1 rbi

We are currently 29-23 good for 1st place 4 games ahead of Montreal.

Ajt1978 07-13-2019 12:41 AM

Beginning of June
June 1st @Chi L 2-1
June 2nd @ Chi L 7-4
June 3rd @ Hou L 6-1
June 4th @ Hou W 8-5
June 5th @ Hou L 9-3

June 1st A pitchers duel as D Jack goes 6 but he suffers his 1st loss of the Year. Todd Pratt homer accounts for the lone run.

June 2nd The normally reliable bullpen fails us giving up 6 runs, 4 of those coming in the 6th. Hollins hits his 7th dinger of the year.

June 3rd The red hot Astros smoke us. The score feels like its a 16-1 loss. Dauren daulton homers for the lone run.

June 4th Jim Haley wins his major league debut pitching 6 innings giving up 4 runs. Daulton and Kruk combine for 5 hits and 4 rbi's.

June 5th Schilling gives up 7 runs in over 3 innings to absorb the loss. Randy R hits his 4th homer of the year.

Time to head home and hopefully end this rough patch.

Ajt1978 07-14-2019 11:38 PM

7 games at home 3 vs Chi 4 vs Stl
June 6th Chi W 1-0
June 7th Chi W 6-5
June 8th Chi W 7-5
June 9th Stl L 5-2
June 10th Stl W 2-0
June 11th Stl L 6-3
June 12th Stl L 9-1

June 6th Danny Jackson gives the bullpen a much need day off pitching 8 shutout innings. Ricky Jordan hits a pinch double to score Dave Hollins in the 8th to win it. Doug Jones gets his 15th Save.

June 7th I call up Tom Marsh from AAA and send C Phillips down who has been struggling at the plate.

Dave hollins goes 4 for 4 with his 8th homer of the year to back up Ben Rivera who pitches 7 innings. Kruk and eisey have two hits a piece.

June 8th We complete the sweep of the cubs. Mike Remlinger overcomes a shaky 1st inning and gets us through 7. Daulton hits his 13th Homer. Dave Hollins has 3 more hits to push his Avg up to 317. Doug Jones Picks up save number 16.

June 9th Jim Haley continues to pitch well giving up 1 run in 5 2/3 innings but the cards score 4 runs late off the bullpen. Kruk and eisey have 2 hits.

June 10th I haven't been pleased with Roger Mason this past month so I trade him to the white sox for AAA pitcher Ivan Vasquez. He is a lefty and I will put him in AAA for now. He will be the closer as I call up Bob wells who has been lights out.

We didn't need the bullpen today as Schilling Pitches a compete game shutout striking out 6 and walking none. Kruk hits his 8th dinger of the year.

June 11th Willie Wilson goes 4 for 5 but fractures his wrist stealing a base and will be out 5 to 6 weeks. Danny Jackson was not sharp giving up 5 runs. After the game I call up Heathcliff Slocumb from AAA.

June 12th Ben Rivera struggles and Tommy Greene shines pitching 8 innings against us giving up just the 1 run.

Off for A very important road trip. We can either create some distance behind the 2nd place expos or continue to be in a dog fight for the division.

Ajt1978 07-15-2019 12:17 AM

9 away games 3 @ NYM 3 @ Mon 3 @ Pit
June 13th @ NYM L 12-4
June 14th @ NYM L 2-1
June 15th @ NYM L 3-2(10)
June 17th @ Mon L 4-3
June 18th @ Mon W 3-2
June 19th @ Mon L 4-3
June 20th @ Pit W 8-2
June 21st @ Pit W 6-2
June 22nd @ Pit W 5-3

June 13th Things don't start off well us when John Cangelosi who came in with 0 homers hits a leadoff homer in the bottom of the inning and everything went down hill from there. Mike remlinger who had been pitching ok for us gets lit up for 7 earned runs and is knocked out in the 2nd inning. Only bright spots were kruk going 3 for 4 and Beneard gilkey actually getting a hit.

June 14th Jim Haley continues to impress pitching 6 solid innings giving up 1 run. Bret Saberhagen pitches a tad bit better going the distance. Doug Jones gives up the winning run in the 9th.

June 15th Same story as the last game. Schilling pitches 6 solid innings a s well giving up 2 runs but this time David West gives up the winning run in the 10th. Todd Pratt has three hits and an rbi. Kevin Stocker goes 2 for 3 with and rbi.

June 17th D Jack recovers from his last start going 6 giving up 1 run. A Dave hollins error gives the expos 3 unearned runs in the 4th to put us behind 4-0. Eisey hits his 5th and daulton hits a 2 run homer in the 8th but the comeback falls short.

June 18th The good Ben Rivera shows up pitching 6 1/3 giving up 2 runs. We bang out 11 hits Doug Jones gets his 17th Save.

June 19th Mike remlingers leash continues to get shorter giving up 4 runs and 9 hits over 4 innings. Bullpen did a good job picking up the slack. Heathcliff slocumb has thrown the ball well since being called back up from AAA. Eisey has 3 hits.

June 20th Jim haley contiues to make a case for himself staying in the rotation when clemens comes back pitching 8 innings of baseball. Daulton hits homer number 15. Wes chamberlin hit his 1st two homers of the year.

June 21st Schilling pitches 8 giving up 3 runs. Tom Marsh hits a pinch single in the 9th to give the phils a 4-3 lead then M morandini hits a 2 run double to give doug jones some breathing room to pick up his 18th Save.

June 21st We need extra innings for this one. 3rd start in a row a starter has pitched 7 innings. This time it was D Jack. Beneard gilkey hits a 2 run homer in the 11th to win it. Doug jones picks up his 5th win and D west gets his 3rd save.

Ajt1978 07-17-2019 12:17 AM

EOM for June Part 1
6/24 Atl W 5-2
6/25 Atl W 13-9
6/26 Atl W 7-5
6/27 Fl W 8-3
6/28 Fl W 12-1
6/29 Fl W 6-3
6/30 @LA L 5-1

6/24 We send out Ben Rivera to take on Greg Maddux and Big Ben did not let us down pitching 7 innings giving up 2 runs. Offense bangs out 13 hits. Morandini and kruk have 3 hits a piece while eisey and gilkey have 2 hits. D jones get save number 19.

6/25 Both offense's show up as the teams combine for 33 hits(Atl 13 Phl 20). Remlinger gets through 5 to get his 2nd win. Kruk hits a 3 run homer off John Smoltz in the 1st to get the fireworks started. Daulton hits a 2 run homer in the 6th. Stocker goes 4 for 5 with an rbi. Eisey has 3 more hits. Daulton has 3 hits. Gilkey continues to trend up with 2 more hits. Larry Andersen gets Jeff Blauser to ground into a double play to end the game.

6/26 A singing and a trade.

Sign LHP Reliever Authur Rhodes to a 1 year deal. Then I trade Unreliable and Unhappy Greg Harris to the pirates for AAA Brian Gretsy

Jim Haley Continues to solidify his case to Stay in the rotation pitching 7 innings giving up 4 runs. Daulton homers again and eisey hits his 6th. Bob Wells picks up his 1st save.

6/27 Even More Roster moves and another trade. 1st I activate Roger Clemens off the Disabled list. I make a trade with Baltimore Moving Clark phillips, Mike Remlinger and Pain in my butt Randy Ready in exchange for utility infielder Javier Rodriguez who will be with the big club and I got Alan Benes and RF Ricardo Martinez. Both these lads will go to the minors.

Curt Schilling Crusies through 8 to get his 8th Win. Kruk has 3 hits to raise his Average to 331. Wes Chamberlin adds two more hits. 5 Doubles and a triple by the offense.

6/28 A 20 hit rout of the marlins backs up 6 solid innings from D Jack as he collects win number 6. Every starter had at least 1 hit. Daulton goes 4 for 4.

6/29 Roger Clemens has a strong return pitching 6 innings giving up an unearned run to collect his 3rd win. Kruk continues his tear add 3 more hits getting his Avg up to 336. D Jones collects his 20th Save.

6/30 Former Phillie Kevin Gross pitches a complete game against us allowing only 1 run. Daulton hits his 18th of the year. The other Ben Rivera shows up giving up 5 runs in 4 2/3 ending our 9 game winning streak.

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