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Markus Heinsohn 10-01-2018 04:10 AM

How do I get technical support?
OOTP Developments uses a ticketing and knowledge base system that will help ensure that we don't lose track of support requests, and that we are able to provide as many helpful answers to your questions up front.

Before submitting a ticket, please search our Knowledge Base. The answer to your question may already be there!

Support requests should now be submitted by filing a support ticket here: support site.

Once you submit a support request, you will receive an e-mail with a specific ticket number, as well as an account login. You can check on the status of your ticket online and refer back to that ticket number if you ever need to follow up with us.

If you have problems with FaceGen, please make sure to update your graphics drivers first!

If you want to report a bug, please use the bug reports sub-forum.

If you lost your license number for FHM 5 for PC or Mac:

- There are two codes you need to know. Firstly the order number (order ID), which starts with ST, followed by 8 numbers. Secondly the serial number, which starts with FHM5-, followed by numbers and letters in 4 blocks. This is the number which you enter in-game to license FHM.

- First look for the confirmation email which was sent to you by eSellerate when you purchased. Also check the SPAM or junk email filter of your email client, probably the email was moved into the junk mail folder?

- If you cannot find the email, no problem. eSellerate has an after-purchase-support page, where you can find all your orders and receipts online. Please open the after-sales-support page here. Next to "Finding your order number", in the second section on that page, enter the email address that you used when you made the purchase.

- You will receive an email which lists all your sales and order numbers. Look for the product you want to license, and copy the ORDER NUMBER. Go back to the after-purchase support web page and enter the email address and paste the order number in the text boxes on top of the page. Click on Submit.

- You'll see the after-purchase services page for your order. In the section "Product Support/Serial Numbers" on top left of the page, click on the small link "receipt".

- In the receipt, locate the Serial Number and copy it.

- Start FHM5, click on "Enter License" and paste the serial number ("FHM5-.....") into the text box.

Licensing does not work?

For activation issues, please see here: Activation Problems

Please accept our apologies if the license process on release day does not work as smooth as it usually does.

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