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Bengal57 02-22-2017 04:51 PM

Decade tournament
Decade tournament going am doing 1901-1009 1910-1919 etc. I have to do it with a 12 team double-loss elimination bracket I DL'd from google images I had to resize it but it was interesting . It would be cool if OOTP introduced a tournament format. Love the game addicted to it. The first tourney went to the 1907 Cubs over the 09 Pirates in the finals Now into the 1910-1919 tourney. Doing it in exhibition mode and then doing the bracket by hand right now it's okay. Just can't keep stats. When I'm done with all of the decades I will then have a winners tourney to decide the greatest team ever. I made a different post asking questions but just wanted to put this one in the right place. If there is an easier way please do tell? Also all of those great trivia tidbits I love em but they go by sometimes so fast I can't get to finish them. Is there anyway to see where they are all at to read them ? :D The decade from 1910 to 1919 should be called the decade of the Red Sox. they were champs many times.

Bengal57 04-09-2017 10:10 AM

Up to the 60's
When my busy life permits I am still at it with my decades tournament. Have a couple games uploaded to YT so far each decades winners up to now :
1907 Chicago Cubs
1913 Philadelphia Athletics
1925 Pittsburgh Pirates
1930 Philadelphia Athletics
1948 Clevland Indians
1956 New York Yankees
I am almost done with the 60's which so far has been the most fun one to do. The 65 Dodgers and 68 Tigers have to play a best of 3 series to see who will play the 61 Yankees for the winner of the 1960's :)

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