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Steve Kuffrey 08-29-2004 06:54 AM

How to import/export ballparks.
(Taken from http://www.ootpdevelopments.com/boar...ad.php?t=31748)
It allows you to import or export one park at a time.

Did a quick try and here's how it worked...

To export a ballpark...

1) Choose a park you want to export and click 'export.'
2) You'll be prompted to name the file. Give it a name.

To import just click import and follow the prompt. It'll ask you if you want to add the stadium to your league or overwrite an existing stadium. If you're importing someone elses stadium make sure you place the file in the folder in the league you want to import the stadium to.

Quite a handy little feature especially for anyone who creates stadiums. This allows you import stadiums without having to use a persons whole park.dat file. You can import or export just the stadiums you want.

What worked for me was ignoring the entire EXPIMP folder. Let's say I have a stadium in League A that I want to import into League B. In League A's edit ballpark screen, I export my stadium. It goes loose into in the A.lg folder by default - not in the EXPIMP folder in the A.lg folder. I copy the ballpark file and paste it loose into the B.lg folder - not in the EXPIMP folder in the B.lg. When I open League B and go to Import in the edit ballpark screen, the window now recognizes the file by just it's name and imports it. To work like the game tells you it will work, you have to type the EXPIMP folder as part of the path both times. Seeing as you still have to copy and paste to get the file where you want it to go, this is pointless. Just use the general league file - much easier.

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