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Stanley Kuppchaser 04-22-2018 03:31 PM

Need Help With Finances
I have just been hired by Toronto and can't advance out of preseason because I'm below the salary cap floor. As I look through the other rosters, it seems that every team from 14th through 30th in salary is in the same boat. I'd really appreciate some advice on how to break this logjam. I suppose I could edit salaries in commissioner mode, but I would rather negotiate my way through it if I can. Guess I'll start another historical replay in the meanwhile, or go back to another of my saves. Suppose I could fire up OOTP 19, but would rather wait until the playoffs are over.
Thanks in advance.

Alessandro 04-22-2018 03:57 PM

Can't you just sign a UFA? Or trade a draft pick for a big contract?

JeffR 04-23-2018 01:14 AM

I'd like to have a look at the save, it's a little odd that there are that many teams with cap floor issues. But like Alessandro said, the short-term solution is to sign free agents to get above the floor. Alternately, trade for players with big contracts; permanently-injured guys who still have active contracts are a good option.

Stanley Kuppchaser 04-23-2018 06:38 AM

We have met the enemy and he is us...
Thanks for the quick response. As usual, I was the problem. In this case, I had advanced further than ever before in an historical sim and pushed off dealing with my cap floor problem, even though I was hired on July 1st. I hadn't faced this situation before because I have always started into a new historical game when I reach around 2010 and usually just retired. In this case, I had retired a couple of times and built a new character, gaining enough ability to be hired on July 1st. Should have dealt with it sooner. Guess I'll have to make that trade with Caps for St. Louis and Vrbak (spelling?). I'm assuming there will be a flood of activity as the AI deals with the other teams. It's simply amazing how this game opens new levels of challenge the more I play. Outstanding!

Stanley Kuppchaser 04-23-2018 07:05 AM

Quick update
Made the trade. It was Vanek and St. Louis. Signed a free agent and got above the floor. In advancing, I noticed that other teams did not get above and paid cap penalties. I guess that's not an option for human players. Probably good that it isn't. The relative cheapness of the penalty would confer a fairly large economic advantage over the AI. I have already developed house rules to keep the AI competitive in other areas. I know other people have called for strengthening the AI, but once you do that, you risk making movement near impossible. It seems to me, if you keep your offers fair, you get realistic and challenging game play. It also leaves you the option of perking up an evening by building a dynasty in an hour. Just start a "guilty pleasure" save and take the AI to school, lol.

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