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Catch22 11-28-2017 10:03 PM

Tactical Advantage Calculation Broken?
I have read the manual, searched the forums, and experimented with several different configurations, and I can't help but think the tactical advantage calculation is bugged. My character's tactics and in-game tactics ratings are 16 and 10. My line-ups are all maxed out (5/5s across the board on line 1, 4/4s on line 2, etc.), and yet my opponents routinely hold a massive advantage in the ratings: in my current game I've got a 52/67 in even strength and my opponent has a 76/77. My opponent's head coach's ratings in tactics and in-game tactics are 11/11. (My assistant is better tactically than his, and hiring additional strong tactical assistants didn't impact the rating). Furthermore, in every game I've seen I'm described as being the team with the coaching advantage, even though I always get a lesser score. Is this normal, or does something seem broken?

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