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AEWHistory 07-24-2016 12:38 PM

WHA Nordiques name error
Not sure if this should be here or bugs or wherever, but here goes. Starting a new game and noticed that in the WHA the Quebec Nordiques are listed as "Quebec Nordiques" instead of just "Quebec" in yesterday, today, and tomorrow's games. Under their settings the Nordiques have no nickname. Instead their team name is "Quebec Nordiques" instead of just having "Quebec" for team name and "Nordiques" under nickname.

Tiny error but I figured someone would like to fix for FHM3. For those anal players like myself, make sure to change this in your game so it comes up correct and keeps records correctly. It only takes a few seconds.

Edit: forgot to mention that this is the 73-74 season I am playing, so it is a historical mode game. Also, I have found some more. The Edmonton Oilers and Cleveland Crusaders have the same problem. If it will help I'll go thru and make a list so the DB can be edited for consistency when I get some time. I can just check as play, so it is a really easy thing to do.


AEWHistory 07-30-2016 10:16 PM

I haven't yet finished my list of teams that need editing, although I intend to do so. However, I have been comparing the database in the game I'm playing to HockeyDB and some of the players lack some of their career info. Frankly I am amazed at the amount of informational depth in the game, so this isn't a critique. The amount of data that has been input into the DBs of FHM must have taken a helluva lot of work.

Anyway, if you'd like to fill in these holes, I can start to find some of the players with missing data. This would be a nice inclusion for FHM3, albeit not a top priority. Let me know if this would be useful and I'll add that on to this thread as I go along.

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