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pallison14 11-01-2014 11:59 AM

SF Giants open in UBL
The United Baseball League (UBL) is in it's 10th real year, and is currently running on OOTP v14 with tentative plans to upgrade to v16 in mid-2015. What started as an MLB league is now in full on future/fictional mode with a group of dedicated GMs and a rich history.

We are entering spring training for the 2057 season, and the SF Giants recently became available. They're a decent team with a deep farm system looking for the next GM.

Sim Schedule: 8 days per sim on M/W/F. The offseason and playoffs are typically simmed daily.

Scouting and coaching are turned off.

Salary Cap - 100m (Hard cap)
Min Salary - 300k
Budgets - Full Available
Max Cash - 20m
AVG NATL Media Revenue - 45m
Avg Merchandising revenue: 11m
Market Size - Varies
Fan interest - Varies
Avg Ticket price: 11
Visitors Gate: 20%

Scouting - No
Coaches - No
Financial coefficient - 1.00
Suspensions - yes
Injuries - low
delayed injury - sometimes
hide injury rating - no
fatigue - average
actual ratings - 1-10
potential ratings - 1-10
other ratings - 1-10
ratings > max - No, cutoff
Top Prospects - dynamic
Storylines - enabled

Visit the forums or PM me here if you're interested.

pallison14 11-01-2014 01:10 PM


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