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Markus Heinsohn 03-18-2016 05:19 AM

Got a bug to report? See here!
We use a new sub forum for bug reports, you can find it here:

Bug Reports Forum - OOTP Developments Forums


A product as complex as OOTP will never release without bugs. There will be thousands of people playing and they will find things we did not discover.

If the game does not run for you at all, please check here: http://www.ootpdevelopments.com/boar...l-support.html

If you have problems activating the game read this: Activation Problems

Please search if the bug you are reporting has been filed already. While we understand that not everyone will describe a bug in the same way, if you see a similar report of the same issue, please include your further details in that thread instead of opening a new thread. That makes it easier on us having all the info for the issue together and we won't waste time chasing an issue that has already been fixed.

This subforum is for PROPER bug reporting! If you find a bug, please post a detailed explanation, and also upload your league files! (Does not apply to purely cosmetic bugs, here a screenshot should be enough). Please zip the league files (just the *.dat files, you find your saved games in your My Documents folder within the Out of the Park Developments folder, i.e. "My Documents/Out of the Park Developments/OOTP Baseball 16/saved_games". FTP the zipped league files to our support server (instructions here: How to FTP files to OOTP Developments ) and add the league file name to your post. IMPORTANT: Bug reports without uploaded league files will be ignored!

Thanks, and enjoy the game! :)

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