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Steve Kuffrey 04-25-2003 11:31 AM

How to use player photos in OOTP-Warren Peters
*1. JPG's do not work. Period! End of story, 'nuff said!
*2. To be seen in the game, and on your website, your photos must be in bmp format.
*3. The file name format must be First_Last.bmp. It is not case sensative. first_last,bmp works too (I personally prefer the capitalizing).
The player name must be typed exactly as it appears in the game, with the underscore seperating the first and last names. ie. Troy_Glaus.bmp
Troy Glaus will not work, TroyGlaus will not work, GlausTroy will not work, Trey_Glaus.bmp will not work, etc.
*4. The photos you want to use must be placed in the [Photos] folder of the league where you want them to be seen.
ie. E:\OOTP5\OTL 2003.lg\PHOTOS
*5. In the game, go to League/League Setup/Advanced Setup and click on 'Enable all player photos. When you do this, you will get a popup message telling you "All players photos have been enabled."
*6. Go to any team that has players you know have .bmp files. You should see the player photo immediately. If not, disable the photo, then enable the photo. You should now see the photo. If not, then you have typed the player name wrong, or, the photo is not a true bmp formatted file, or, you may have put the photos in the Photos folder of the wrong league.
*7. After you have simmed your games, go to the Online League Setup menu, and click on 'Generate Report'.
*8. After your reports have been generated (created on your hd), click on 'Upload Report to FTP-Server'. This will upload all the html reports, including all the photos, and the team logos, to your server. Be forewarned, this will take a looooooong time. I have a PIII/933 running WinXP-Pro on an SBC-Global DSL line, and it takes about 20-25min to upload 1714 reports, 30 logos and and only 39 photos. This is of course assuming (God, I hate that word) that you have entered all the FTP-Settings correctly, tested the connection, and it works).

I hope this helps you, and everyone else who may be having "photo viewing" problems. You are welcome to surf my online league site (via the link in my signature). To see some examples of what I have described above, go to my site. Under League Reports, click on Standings. On my Oroville team, you can see photos of Boog Powell, Fred Lynn and Dennis Eckersley. On the Framingham team you can see Lou Gehrig and Ted Williams. On my league home page, scroll down the the POW's. You can click on the names of Dusty Rhodes (NL) and Gary Peters (AL) and see their photos.

Warren Peters
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