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starfox64 03-23-2019 07:26 PM

Tips for rebuilding the Marlins?
While I wait to do my usual save with the Cubs after contracts, etc. are fixed, started a save with the Marlins as a rebuilding mission. Needless to say...it's been tough. Any tips on how to start building the Marlins up? They have very few tradeable assets and a piss-poor minor league system.

Aceshigh24 03-23-2019 08:29 PM

I've been playing as the Padres because of their Minor System but after reading this, i may have to jump on board with the Marlins and give them a go.

Would be interesting to play as just the manager and see what the AI does in the offseason.

thesmokeshow 03-23-2019 09:02 PM

Like most rebuilds, you have to make sure you draft well and sign one or two of the top international prospects on July 2nd. Also when free agency comes, try to sign some top tier international talent because it doesn’t cost you any draft picks for compensation.

I would say focus on that for the 1st 2-3 seasons and you’ll have one of the top farm systems. And then you can use those assets to mix into your pro team as they get ready for the MLB and trade a couple of them for good young MLB players with team control left. Unfortunately, the Marlins do not have a lot of good veterans to trade for prospects to expedite this process. That is what makes it more challenging than some other rebuilds. But if you draft well and sign the right international guys, you should still be able to make it work.

Obviously you’ll have to pay attention to your Owners goals so you don’t get fired. But the Marlins shouldn’t have really lofty goals for winning. Just make sure you hit as many as you can. Usually by Year 3 or 4 you should be in position to challenge for a playoff spot. And also by Year 3 or 4, you can start considering signing some star free agents. You should have some cap space, if you just simply focus on prospects and young international players for the first few years.

You could possibly get a few solid prospects for Steckenrider, Castro, Anderson and Trevor Richards. I’d also try to trade Brinson for a good prospect but I’d keep Victor Victor Mesa.

NoOne 03-23-2019 11:16 PM

if it's a total dumpster fire, sell everythign you can now for the youngest possible returns. if you think it's going to take ~5+ years to fix, a AAA guy is going to be nearing 30 by then... and an established mlb guy will be ancient by mlb standards. so, think about window of time when choosing what to trade for -- also using tha tplayer is irrelevant. you'll likely package them in some other deal later in time... again, more reason to get a yougner player than an older prospect or mlb player.

even the worst team can be rebuilt in 2-3 years, but probably best to continue sellin off any decent FA you sign for future assets too before you lose them. make the team truely elite over time with a cavalcade of young, cheap prospects mixed with a few expensive contracts.

any market size can succeed with this strategy. with ny/la you would be winning 120-130+ games a year in no time.

itsmb8 03-24-2019 02:38 AM

Hope and pray. The CPU Marlins fire Mattingly and the GM after 2019 in every single save, theyre that bad. First sim I ran, they won 40 games... FORTY.

Mr. Marlin 03-24-2019 06:44 AM

I'm trying this very thing myself. The think is, the OOTP engine is seriously under valuing Brinson & Anderson IMO. I think they are much better in real life than than the game is giving them credit for. But playing the cards OOTP deals you means you REALLY need to nail the 2019 Draft. Just like Michael Hill & the Marlins scouting staff needs to do in real life. And the 2020. And the 2021. The three keys to rebuilding the fish is pitching, pitching, and pitching. Draft pitching, sign pitching internationally, scour the Indy leagues for pitching. Then buy or trade pitchers for position players.

Forget power guys. Marlins park is a terrible place for houmerun hitters anyway. Stanton is from another world and you're not like to find another like him. So focus on contact hitters. They are cheaper and easier to find. Adopt a "small ball" team strategy.

That's what I'm doing.

Mr. Marlin 03-24-2019 06:50 AM

If you are a Marlins fan then you hate this man. Ditto is you are an Expos fan. If you try to "save" the Marlins in OOTP you will come to hate him too. I give you the cause of your sleepless nights and OOTP frustrations. The evil SOB who made the mess you are now trying to clean up:


wallewalls 03-24-2019 08:24 AM

I'm doing the Marlins. 59-103 in the first season...ouch. Like Mr. Marlin above, I think OOTP is underrating Brian Anderson a bit, I think he is seriously underrated in real life.

You aren't going to make this team good right away, playing on hard trading difficulty. After the first season there are some big contracts coming off the books, there is no salvaging Chen though, I just released him and ate the money. Made some minor moves in the offseason, traded for Hunter Renfroe, young cheap power bat, picked up a ton of relievers on waivers that are better than we started out with. Had enough room in the budget to sign Xander Bogaerts in the offseason to play SS and got the Pirates to pick up a good portion of Gregory Polanco's contract so he's in on a team friendly deal.

I think Brinson is properly rated, he had a horrible 2019 in my sim, Victor Victor is a much higher rated player at this point so I decided to move Brinson along with a couple of lower rated prospects, including Isan Diaz who struggled huge in his MLB debut, for Eduardo Escobar (Arizona retaining salary of course) and a couple of their top prospects in C Daulton Varsho (#77 prospect according to Fangraphs, 75 potential according to my scout) and SP Jon Duplantier (Borderline top 100 guy).

I was also able to take advantage of a couple teams being short of 40 man roster spots for everyone, so I was able to snag Rays 1B prospect Nate Lowe and P Jalen Beeks in a pretty cheap trade. Lowe has a ton of potential in game. Finally with my first round pick in the 19 draft, drafted 1B/3B Andrew Vaughn who is already close to the majors and looks like he could be a cornerstone, franchise player.

Don't know yet how the team projects for 2020, but at least there's something there and a plan in place, I think we can compete in 2020, but the pitching is going to be the weak part with a bunch of young guys with no real MLB track record.

starfox64 03-24-2019 08:52 AM

Thanks for the advice! I think I finished 2019 60-102, making moves on the waiver wire to add slightly above replacement level players. I really struck out in the draft though, my first round pick already looks to be a bust because my scout was super high on him and I trusted him. There won’t be any more of that, he’s been fired. Shelled out 5 million for a top-notch IAFA pitcher, currently #2 in the OSA Top 100 but has a long way to go to get to the majors. Also waiver claimed Dietrich (haha) and then promptly traded him a month later to the Dodgers for a solid reliever spec and Yadier Alvarez. Just passed the arbitration period, where I non-tendered anyone who wasn’t essential and now I’m looking to sign a couple really good IFAs while the AIs get in a bidding war over Sale. It’s definitely all super tough, but I know it’ll be so rewarding if I can do it right!

jimmysthebestcop 03-24-2019 06:01 PM

You want to boost dev, scouting budget as much as you can. You want to trade anyone you can get any prospect for.

It doesn't matter if you call 25 players from the DSL who are 16. Just stick them on the team. You want to be able to maximize salary space.

Have to play the money game. This means looks for Rule 5 steals. All of your guys stink even if you have to put a 20 year old on the bench for a year if he is a high prospect you can trade him at end of season if he is still highly rated. It won't be your problem if he doesn't develop.

Crush the draft. This also means having lots of salary room so you can sign impossible players. If an impossible player who is highly rated draftee wants like 3 million you might have to give him like 7-10 million to sign him. Do it.

Always sign a 5 million int amateur. Then either hope he develops or instantly promote him as a 16 year old and trade him away. Who cares if he becomes a 5 star GoD in 6 years. You will have gotten a handful of solid prospect for him while he is still rated as a high end prospect. These guys can drop off and then they lose or trade value.

That extra salary room also allows you to do "3 team trades". Some team will be dumping a 1 year player veteran. He might be still solidly rated 3-5 stars. Maybe he is do 25 million this year on the last year of contract. Well if you can dump a prospect who you don't think will become something you can eat his contract. Then you turn around and shop him to that 3rd team (usually a win it now) and eat his entire 1 year contract. Typically you can get a really highly rated prospect or several.

Where ever you can gain an asset you do it. Your team is about 3-5 years away. And its all about the prospect you can get. If one of your your young guys pops and becomes highly rated (but maybe he is still 4 or 5 years away from the show )and you turn him into 3 solid prospects I would do it.

You don't want to be paying anyone while you are rebuilding. You want to use your entire budget on scouting/development and doing whatever it is to again gain assets.

I did this with Oakland in ootp 19. And my AAA, AA, A+ team basically won their championship every year once I had my pantry full. My AAA team could beat MLB teams no doubt. And my MLB was World Series contenders. So if I had injuries even 6 guys out I had the farm system to recover.

And once my farm guys started to hit 24-25 if I didn't have room for them I package them to another team maybe for one highly rated 19-21 year old. So I would keep replenishing my young guys.

Just watch what teams you do this with. You don't want them in your division where their entire infield is your guys. Or you don't want to make your top playoff competitor better either.

No matter what I did in Oakland I was never able to have high fan loyalty between seasons. Win WS fan loyalty would be 50. While another small market Pittsburgh if I won the WS fan loyalty would be 90+ to start the next season.

If you don't get high fan loyalty between seasons you can never raise ticket prices. Never increasing your budget allowing you to sign free agents or even extending your players after arbitration runs out.

In Oakland I would have to routinely dump guys on last year of arbitration for prospects. Just a big loop. I was usually able to only afford a couple double digit salary guys. Under 5 of them.

starfox64 03-27-2019 10:49 AM

A small update: grabbed an IAFA pitcher who is now the #1 rated prospect in the game, but still has a ways to go to make the big leagues. Grabbed four guys in the Rule 5 draft who I can see as longer term pieces. Also added some very solid IFA pitcher to beef up my bullpen and rotation. Traded for Chris Archer as well. We're over .500 and almost through April 2020! Next up: the draft.

wallewalls 03-27-2019 12:22 PM

I went 82-80 in year 2 and my pitching staff is just great but the lineup is really bad. decided to trade my stopgap veteran signings and play the young guns and will see if they take that next step in year 3

MizzouRah 03-27-2019 03:16 PM

Great thread! Think I'll have to try this!

Caporegime 03-27-2019 05:18 PM


Originally Posted by MizzouRah (Post 4462592)
Great thread! Think I'll have to try this!

Me too! I'm always down for a herculean challenge. Trying to rebuild the rubble that was once the Marlins would be the equivalent of trying to resurrect the might of the Byzantine Empire circa 1450 in a game like EU IV. I love last gasp revivals.:cool:

starfox64 03-27-2019 05:45 PM

Fair warning...it's pretty tough :/

PepeSylvia 03-27-2019 06:02 PM

I took a break from my o's save to try the Marlins on challenge mode and it is rough. 2019 and 2020 were both 100 loss seasons. I made few moves after 2019 because I knew I wasnt close to competing so I just tried to shop the bargain bin but my value pickups all tanked.

2021 is going better so far. 30-27, 2.5 games back of the Braves. I signed an all star caliber center fielder out of Japan in the off season who has a 155 OPS+ and is carrying the team. Also traded for McCutchen (Phillies retain 95% of contract), owner wanted an MVP and I'm looking to not get fired.

Farm system looks good now after a lot of trading but boy are the Marlins a project.

wallewalls 03-27-2019 09:19 PM

Tips for rebuilding the Marlins!
Man I donít know if itís because marlins park is such an extreme pitchers park or if itís bad luck because I am not finding much luck with my hitters. I have multiple guys 65+ overall according to my scout but am lucky if I have three members of my everyday lineup with a wRC+ above 100. This has been my biggest challenge so far. My team has a lot of talent, as we were projected for 100+ wins in 2021 but the lineup is really struggling to score runs in the early part of the season

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jimmysthebestcop 03-28-2019 12:17 PM


Originally Posted by wallewalls (Post 4462910)
Man I donít know if itís because marlins park is such an extreme pitchers park or if itís bad luck because I am not finding much luck with my hitters. I have multiple guys 65+ overall according to my scout but am lucky if I have three members of my everyday lineup with a wRC+ above 100. This has been my biggest challenge so far. My team has a lot of talent, as we were projected for 100+ wins in 2021 but the lineup is really struggling to score runs in the early part of the season

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Wrc+ and woba are great stats. But you also must look at their bb% and k%.

My first guess is your team strikes out too much and doesn't walk enough. Or walks enough but strikes out tremendously.

All the contact and power won't help sometimes if you k all the the time and don't walk.

mandersen 03-28-2019 12:38 PM

When you guys sim, are you simming a week at a time? A game? A month? I've always basically played games out at the start of the year until I'm 5 games out or 5 games up for a playoff spot, then I'll start to sim a handful of innings, if I get a bigger lead or a bigger deficit, I will start to sim entire games. It may take me a month and a half or two to get through a season, but I'm more invested. Always interested in other peoples simming habits.

Caporegime 03-28-2019 01:05 PM

LMAO! I'm off to a running start as the Marlins' GM. The club is 1-17. Caleb Smith has an ERA over 12. There's no way that 2.5 star rating is accurate. He's more like - 4 stars.

Chen has the club's only win and is the ace of the staff. He's been solidly mediocre. Brinson has 6 HRs....5 of them solo shots. Fresh off the IL, Jorge Alfaro homered in his first game back...then promptly went right back on the IL (60-day this time) with a torn ligament.

A challenge is one thing, but this more like trying to raise the Titanic. It might actually take an exorcism or two to slay the demons dogging this franchise.

How's everyone else doing so far?

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