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Krillo 04-17-2018 04:15 AM

Your most important features
Hi guys, I am really getting hyped for the potential info release soon coming up and started to wonder what I feel is important in a greate NFL game. What's your thoughts?
Personally I feel that there's two important areas for my may of playing and that's:

1. Draft
I feel that a lot of games I've played always are too much top stacked with talent. It's simply are no good value at the later rounds like in FHM4 for an example . I feel that I look at a loot of players and think that it really doesn't matter who I take. I only hope that something happens with the guys potential and he gets great and develops. It's just a chance as it should be but it never happens. If you look at the NFL now there's a loot of late round players with first round talent thats playing great their first or second year. There's also some talent to find that goes undrafted. This will be important to make the game dynamic in a long term save. It would be nice to have a player in the 5round loking like a superstar according to my scouts that sometimes pans out and sometimes not. I don't know how all player look like "behind the scenes" but I am judging on the bars and they are almost always terrible.

2. Depht chart
I think I NFL game should have I simple way of setting the depth chart. I like the work madden has made but I'm missing some way off setting how much my backups are playing. I would like to have some way to set the snap procentage similar to OOTP way of handling bench players of how often they should start instead of the starter. A easy way to handle injuries without having to remake the whole depht chart would is also importan.

Any other thoughts? I know it's kind of stupid to do this now so early in the game but I feel that's it at least a way of communicating what we players are feeling.

Tunnelrunner 04-17-2018 01:40 PM

My thoughts echo what I said in a similar thread in the OOTP forums: For me, I value customization. I just want to be able to freely edit and shape my NFL universe the way I see fit. Basically, the very same "Commissioner Mode" that we have in OOTP.

And I hope that eventually, we'll get the entirety of NFL History in the database, via Historical Mode; being able to coach the greatest football teams of the past. Basically, I just want a football version of OOTP Baseball.

But getting back to the question: Customization is my #1 feature for now.

aslanking 04-17-2018 04:56 PM

Essentially Front Office Football with a major face-lift. The game has a Tesla engine in a Yugo body.

That's the only thing the game needs. To update its, frankly, abominable graphics engine and UI.

james17 04-19-2018 10:47 AM

Yup. The new interface is the most important thing to me in the first release. I would also like to see a less cumbersome method of handling the depth charts.

AlexB 04-19-2018 02:00 PM


Originally Posted by james17 (Post 4314036)
Yup. The new interface is the most important thing to me in the first release. I would also like to see a less cumbersome method of handling the depth charts.

Iíd settle for a depth chart tbh - no such thing on FOF8, only packages. No way to set backups or subs at all.

mickey7 04-19-2018 02:19 PM

The game MUST have total customization---players, teams, ratings, fantasy leagues----in short the things that make OOTP the best baseball game on the market !!! Also the customization has to be in game !!!

T-rade 04-20-2018 08:54 AM

1) Draft
- Similar to how it was set up in NFLHC09. Stories throughout the season of how prospects perform and act, visits, workouts, pro days, the whole shabang

2) Free Agency
- Similar to how recruiting were in NCAA. Prospects have different interests and priorities that affect how much money they want. Brady wanted stability and continuity so Pats could get him below market value. Cousins chased the guaranteed payday. Sherman gambled on himself with incentives.

3) Formation/Depth Chart/Rotations
- Similar to nothing, it seems. Let me put a % on RB utilization or something akin to that. I want to run Ajayi 60% of the time, Sproles 10% and Clemens 30% where as I want Sproles to be in there for 50% of the passes and Ajayi and Clemens to split the remaining. I want Ngata on DT for 2nd and short and 3rd and short, I want Graham to get 90% of DE snaps, Barnett to get 70%, Cox to get 5%, Long to get 30% and the remaining to the backups, etc.
In short, I want much more customization of the rotations and not just fatigue based subs

The_Niddler 04-20-2018 11:44 AM

I agree with what you guys are saying.

For online leagues though, I hope they add something to where, if any player is edited by the commish, make that write to the players history and make it where it cannot be deleted. This way you have no doubt the commissioner is being honest. This is one feature I wish OOTP baseball had in it.

Other than that, use the best of the other OOTP games.

I don’t think an NFL game will be as in-depth as baseball for programmers so hopefully it leads to being a very good product.
I have faith in OOTP as their baseball sim is the best there ever has been, IMO.

As you guys mentioned:
I read that OOTP baseball uses some algorithm and bases talent in upcoming drafts on how your talent is in your league already. Don’t know how true this is, but there needs to be some type of balance mechanism. I don’t want online leagues getting to where every team is a 90 rated overall team. But I also don’t want t see drafts completely sucking like we are experiencing in OOTP baseballs online leagues.

Free Agency
Just like T-rade mentioned. Have different interests in what attracts a player to a team. One thing I don’t like in madden is how it shows how many points each team has when going after free agents.
Keep the numbers hidden.
Make teams put in their best offer and go from there. I shouldn’t be able to see what other teams are offering.

Formation subs
I also like T-rade’s idea on the formation subs, etc.
Give us the ability to customize it.
This is probably my biggest gripe with OOTP baseball is how dumb the AI managers seem to be at times.

I really like tunnelrunner’s ida of the history of the NFL. Like in OOTP baseball, give my league the ability to start wherever we want basically.
Start with real NFL guys or all fiction, etc., again, like OOTP baseball.

Let us use real or fake team names, logos, etc.

Have an interface like OOTP baseball for live sims, etc. interface with websites like statsplus, groupme or slack.

And I forgot, have a weather feature. Snow and rain can play a role in NFL games.

Sharkn20 04-20-2018 07:20 PM

I love how the game is at the moment, just a couple of improvements:

* Defensive play-calling, I want my players doing what I want when I want as it can be done in the offensive side already.

* Draft / Scouting Overhaul, Scouting and college stats (similar to what OOTP has).

I am sure that the guys of OOTP will enhance the Face of this game, which is already terrific.

Can't wait for OOTPFOF!!!

aslanking 04-20-2018 07:45 PM

Face of the game is terrific.... thatís a joke, right?

The interface is a travesty. Countless sales were doubtlessly lost because of the horrific interface

Danbo80 04-21-2018 11:26 AM

Instead of adding other playable leagues, I think they should focus on adding the NCAA first. It doesn't have to be playable right off the bat.

A real live NCAA simulating results, accumulating stats, award winners, and story lines. This would open up alot of things in terms of scouting and drafting. Then eventually have it be playable.

The NCAA is like the minor leagues for football. We wouldn't play OOTP with out minor leagues would we?

OutS|der 04-22-2018 08:28 AM

No more randomness to ratings when starting a game.

Giants44 04-23-2018 01:28 PM

1. Customization - OOTP is an A+ and FOF is a D.

2. Coaches - the coaches "draft" thing was a workaround and we really need a full coaches model. the OOTP model would be fine. Coaching in the NFL is every bit as important as players. Coaches should matter

3. Draft - the Draft is one of the best parts of the NFL. needs to be special

4. GUI - put the SI/OOTP shell on it and we are golden

5. 2D - XOR had a decent 2D view in 1984 - no reason we cant get at least that level in the first release in 2018

6. better playbooks

7. day by day calendar in the OOTP/SI mode. the day by day model is vastly superior to the week to week model

garion333 04-24-2018 08:33 AM


Originally Posted by Jdnidle (Post 4314523)
I donít think an NFL game will be as in-depth as baseball for programmers so hopefully it leads to being a very good product.

I think you have this completely backward. The main reason we don't see many American Football games is because it's incredibly difficult to program for.

In Baseball you have isolated moments. The pitch, the batter, the ball in play. They can all be calculated pretty much independent of each other at any given moment. The main catch with a baseball game it to emulate real world stats and you have a ton of very detailed stats to keep track of. Once you nail that, you're good. But the complexity of the sim is much more basic than in other sports as there are less moving pieces at any given moment.

In Football/Soccer and Hockey you have a slightly more complex and fluid game. Players all have individual ratings on speed, passing ability, shooting ability, defense, and so on. The players have assigned roles that stay moderately defined as play moves across the play field, but the way they interact is all the same: you kick the ball with your foot or you use a stick to hit the puck.

In American Football, however, you take the complexity of the above and make it so 22 players are all moving in different directions and can end up anywhere on the field at any moment. At all times their height and weight are at play, coupled with their speed and agility to go with their strength, ability to tackle, ability to catch a ball, etc. There are a ton of variables on every player on every play which can take place all over the field. Plays involve passing, which involves its own offensive and defensive bars and stats, but then you have the run game which also has its own bars and stats. Then factor in special teams and you have even more bars and stats that need to be factored in. It's a giant mess.

Once you nail down the basic functions on an American Football game, you have to make sure your stats are coming out as expected and no one can go Madden on the game and call Hail Mary's all game long. Gameplanning is basically a whole game on its own.

I could go on, but suffice to say I think American Football is the absolute toughest sport to code for, in large part because of the amount of moving pieces involved in every play.

james17 04-25-2018 12:01 AM

I agree but there have been some good ones in the past stretching all the way back to XOR football and the Football Pro series. And today, FOF does a mighty good job on gameplay simming and is unbeatable in the management aspect of the game.

It needs that OOTP interface to make it a hallmark game. And eventually some simple graphics (that's a really hard part).

swoboda 04-25-2018 06:53 PM

Agreeing with many, OOTPstyle customization

....and Historical built-in at least back to 1960.

stratonascar 04-25-2018 10:06 PM


Originally Posted by swoboda (Post 4316978)
....and Historical built-in at least back to 1960.

Alternate Suggestion for Historical Built-In could probably go back to 1920 or 1950, Probably If I Can do a Dynasty using Front Office Football in an OOTP Dynasty Thread that I'm working I'm considering 1950 over 1920, period.

DannyH 04-26-2018 10:26 AM

Coach and coordinator development would give a long-playthrough some real character.

It might just be me being nerdy but I enjoy tracking the career progression of coaches and hope a realistic coaching carousal will be a factor in the game.

Successful OC's being offered head coaching jobs after a few years, assistant coaches improving in traits and being promoted to coordinators, even a failed head coach falling back to a coordinator role etc.

I asked these questions a while back of BTS:

-Will talented coordinators make the transition to interviewing for head coach roles?
-Will fired head coaches sometimes take up a coordinator role (e.g. Jim Schwartz, Wade Phillips)
-Will coaching attributes fluctuate over time?
-Will coaches have their own particular preferences for off/def schemes?
-Will new coaches be generated aka coming up from the college game?

That's some of the stuff I'd love to see that would add some realism.

garion333 04-26-2018 10:41 AM


Originally Posted by DannyH (Post 4317231)
-Will talented coordinators make the transition to interviewing for head coach roles?
-Will fired head coaches sometimes take up a coordinator role (e.g. Jim Schwartz, Wade Phillips)
-Will coaching attributes fluctuate over time?
-Will coaches have their own particular preferences for off/def schemes?

These are all already "yes" in FOF8.

DannyH 04-26-2018 10:52 AM


Originally Posted by garion333 (Post 4317234)
These are all already "yes" in FOF8.

That's a good start then! I guess I meant slightly more expanded i.e. position coaches as well.

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