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HAANA/BLNA 10-21-2017 10:16 PM

Welcome to HAANA
Hey everyone,

I'm doing a 40 team league that's a continuation of my personal fictional league. I couldn't replicate my old league due to the restrictions of the game so I decided that I would create a storyline in which my old league was purchased and all the old stats were archived.

Meaning this league has all the old teams and players but is basically a brand new league.

I would love to keep everyone posted on how this league turns out and can give a brief history on the former league/teams.

If any interest generates (and if i have the time) i will continue.

HAANA/BLNA 10-21-2017 10:52 PM

The purchase of the NAHL

It felt like seconds after the Banff Bison hoisted the Hearter Cup for the first time that the biggest transaction in the history of the league happened.

The Sterling family of Rick, Denis and Allison purchased the faultering league from the Cambden family.

"It was a deal that just made sense" said Bert Cambden, co-owner of the NAHL. In a year that saw 11 franchises relocate for the upcoming season, the writing was on the wall.

"I think this is the right move, a fresh start, a new identity for the league." Was what Rick had to say about the purchase.

All 66 years of NAHL stats and history will be archived at the hall of fame as the new league, the Hockey Athletics Association of North America, will begin it's legacy

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