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TBiz 04-20-2016 12:51 PM

Player Dynasty | The Path to Desires
The following dynasty was made because I wanted to perk my interest in the game again and seen a few people doing fictional players as a dynasty and seeing how far they could go.

In purpose of actually having a chance all these players were randomly given quality 5 stats at the age of 16. They will work their ways up from the OJHL and we will see if they end up becoming Hall of Famers by their 40th + Birthdays haha.

So without further or due. Here are my 4 players from Ontario that will be rivals throughout the game. Two members being friends/teammates and the other two being from different teams.

I hope you enjoy.

Kody Baker
Kody Baker has always been involved around hockey. His entire family (Father, Uncles, Cousins, Brothers) were all involved in some sort of Hockey League. Kody knew that was going to be his desire also growing up. His first year playing he knew exactly what he wanted when asked which position he wanted to play. Goalie.

Kody played a couple years in house league to get a starting point and soon knew he could further his career. He played a lot of AA hockey, a few years in AAA and now has a contract with the Ontario Junior Hockey League with his home town Georgetown Raiders.

Kody hopes to one day make it to the NHL. His favourite team being none other than the Toronto Maple Leafs.
Contracted to the Georgetown Raiders | Ontario Junior Hockey League
Age: 16 | 5'5, 140LBS
No Major Role
Top (5) Strengths: Determination, Stamina, Professionalism, Mental Toughness & Glove
Top (5) Weakness: Leadership, Puckhandling, Blocker, Passing & Pokecheck

Jason Maxwell
Jason Maxwell has wanted nothing more than to make the NHL a reality since the age he could speak. His father lived and breathed hockey until he suddenly passed away due to an vehicle accident.

Jason ever since promised he would make his dad proud to give it his all and nothing less to make it into the NHL in his name.

Jason's a two-way player known for protecting his teammates and being the guy on the power play to get in front of the net for screening. He's well liked whatever team he plays on and his teammates seem to trust him. Jason and Kody Baker have grown up together, so their desire so far have lead them this far together.
Contracted to the Georgetown Raiders | Ontario Junior Hockey League
Age: 16 | 5'8, 180LBS
Left Winger
Two-Way Forward
Top (5) Strengths: Screening, Bravery, Team Player, Checking & Hitting
Top (5) Weakness: Getting Open, Determination, Shooting Accuracy, Shot Blocking & Stickchecking

Tyler Veltmen
Tyler Veltmen wasn't sure exactly what he was expecting out of hockey. He's played the game really just for the entertainment of the game and many believe he doesn't really know how good he is at the game. Coaches have praised his play in the league and hope, sense, and believe Veltmen has what it takes to make it big.

Veltmen began the game a little later then most kids, but the quality of play from him was surprising by many. His parents have supported him throughout his run so far and have dedicated their lives to being at all his games, practices and being his moral support anywhere it has taken him.
Contracted to the Oakville Blades | Ontario Junior Hockey League
Age: 16 | 5'8, 180LBS
Right/Left Defenceman
Offensive Defenceman
Top (5) Strengths: Getting Open, Passing, Puckhandling, Positioning & Determination
Top (5) Weakness: Shooting Range, Bravery, Hitting, Strength & Shot Blocking

Max Mercury
Max was one of those kids that were kind of forced into the hockey world. The starting factor was his rebellion at school towards his classmates and teachers. The next step was when he was fighting and causing problems outside. The final straw was when he began bringing his attitude towards his family members.

The family forced Max into after school rehab programs to better his attitude and help better him with respect. One of those programs were putting him into a sport. That sport being Hockey.

The first couple seasons weren't too promising as he began as more of a "goon" like player. After a few years of playing and things seemed bettering at school and home, he began to enjoy the sport a bit more. Actually focusing on the playing over the gooning.

All of a sudden Mercury was scoring a few goals and it all brought him to this point.
Contracted to the Kingston Voyageurs | Ontario Junior Hockey League
Age: 16 | 5'11, 160LBS
Two-Way Forward
Top (5) Strengths: Faceoffs, Acceleration, Agility, Getting Open & Puckhandling
Top (5) Weakness: Screening, Bravery, Hitting, Strength & Shot Blocking

TBiz 04-20-2016 02:53 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Kody Baker's Career
Kody now being 18 has finished two seasons with the Georgetown Raiders in the Ontario Junior Hockey League.

First Season he played back up for them and had an alright season posting a 9-6-2 rating.

Second Season came around and Kody had his shot as starter. He improved his stats from last season and looks to continue.

Kody has been removed from the Georgetown Raiders and placed into the NCAA Division I Ice Hockey with Sacred Heart Pioneers University Team.

Last Two Seasons Stats

TBiz 04-20-2016 03:02 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Tyler Veltmen | Defenceman
As expected, Tyler had put together two great seasons with the Oakville Blades. The team enjoyed the leadership he brought to the team on the blue line.

Tyler now will be removed from their roster and has been placed in the NCAA Division I Ice Hockey on the team of Northern Michigan Wildcats University.

Last Two Season Stats

TBiz 04-20-2016 03:09 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Jason Maxwell | Left Winger
Jason has proven to be a force to be reckon with as he had two explosive years with long time friend and teammate Kody Baker on the Georgetown Raiders roster.

Jason's sure his dad will be smiling up in heaven with his performances and looks to continue it as he heads to the NCAA Division I Ice Hockey League.

Jason will not be joining Kody this time around. Kody joined the Sacred Heart Pioneers University Team, where Jason will be joining the Cornell Big Red team for the upcoming season.

Last Two Seasons

TBiz 04-20-2016 03:14 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Max Mercury | Center
Max Mercury's childhood may have been a rough one, but it seems to have paid off, as he had one of the best two seasons he could have ever imagined.

Max had two seasons where he hit 100 or more points and has secured him into a position he wouldn't have even thought about.

Max Mercury will be suiting up in the NCAA Division I Ice Hockey League for the Denver Pioneers this upcoming season.

Last Two Seasons

Veemet 04-20-2016 06:25 PM

Hey !

it's nice to see other people doing this with fictional players as well :)

The only little thing i noticed is that Jason and Tyler arent in the same order than the first thread. It would be less confusing for the reader to see them in the same introduction order in my opinion

Exept that, looking great ! can't wait to see more

Lord PichuPal 05-02-2016 07:16 PM

Looking pretty cool. I've done a similar concept of creating some friends of mine in my game, both for fictional and real life, though since I'm still playing through the game normally their careers have blossomed slower. But it's always fun making some players and tracking how their career is going from junior forward.

TBiz 05-03-2016 01:31 PM

Ya I donno, seems everytime I want to do a dynasty the game crashes when updates come in,

But if I were to just sim through everything on my own time without writing and posting its all smooth. Kinda Annoying

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