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mankle 02-27-2014 01:12 PM

ASBA Openings!
The ASBA is looking for at least two committed GMs to help us get through our final season using OOTP 13.

The league started using OOTP 12 in the 2011 season and we have now completed our 10th season with the Chicago White Sox winning the World Series in 2020.

We are now about to begin the 2020/2021 offseason and we're looking for a GM for the Houston Astros and the Miami Marlins.

This is the league's final season with OOTP 13 before we upgrade to OOTP 15 around June. We're looking for a GM who will make the shift with the league.

The ASBA is a major league template with 30 teams. We have a great core of GMs, most of whom have been with the league since it was founded 3 years ago.

Scouting is ON.
Coaching is OFF.
Sims are M/W/F at 10am ET.
Draft/Awards/All-Star are all done through Utilities.

We also have our ASBA Winter League where GMs get a chance to get their prospects extra playing time in a 45 game season.

You can find us here: ASBA Forum - Index

Please email interest at asba.commish@gmail.com

mankle 02-28-2014 05:00 PM

bump for adding the Marlins to the list of available teams.

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