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Andreas Raht 05-14-2007 03:16 AM

FAQ: Game crashes during runtime.
If the game crashes during playing, the reason might be the RAM.
It's possible to schedule 999 bouts. Each bout is an object using a little bit of that RAM. Each bout contains other objects: fighters, cornermen and so on... So when you're running the game on a computer with 128 MB RAM, you should be careful with high numbers of bouts.

Generally, when a program crashes, restart the PC, and don't start any other program. Then test the game again. Probably it's not compatible with a specific other program which you're using.

When the schedler or tournament or whatever is closed again, all the used RAM will be set free again. So you can start the scheduler and close it again a hundred times, it won't flood your RAM. But if you schedule 1000 bouts, and are running other big programs at the same time, it might be too much for your computer. As mentioned above: Close all other programs. Don't schedule a high number of bouts. Or purchase RAM :)

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