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Steve Kuffrey 07-23-2002 08:50 PM

FA Period Using 4.1
In order for this feature of having the individual GM export their own FA bids the following guidelines need to be followed:

BEFORE the file is sent to the GM's or uploaded:

-Internet mode should be enabled.
-Commish password should be set.
-ALL teams that are human owned should be set to that.

UPLOAD or send league file out:

-GM get's league file and SETS team password for his team. If he does not do this this anyone can view his bids the next time the file is sent out during the FA period.
-GM makes bids on FA.
-GM then either "exports to FTP" or "exports" the FA bids, lower right hand corner of free agent screen.

-Commish IMPORTS either via FTP or d/l FA exports and places them in EXPIMP folder of league then imports them.
-Commish then "runs day" on free agent screen.
-Make sure and either close the league OR save the league after this and before zipping and sending out again.

Repeat this process till FA period is over.

As before a league can choose to run more than one day at a time between bid export/imports. BUT, everyone desiring to bid MUST be using the same exact file or the bids will not transfer.

Hope this helps.

*****Current change*****
There is a small problem with home GM being able to view their own bids after placing them so if you are a GM in a league using the free agent exp/imp bidding system PLEASE make a note of your bids as you make them. This will be corrected in the next update.

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