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Marc Duffy 03-01-2006 05:11 PM

Current OOTP Baseball 2006 Release date : May 31st 2006
Release date is now confirmed as May 31st 2006

Marc Duffy 03-10-2006 10:21 AM

Taken from http://www.ootpbaseball2006.com/blog...ews=view&id=54

Release Date

It's been pretty evident that once the 10% pre-order offered ended on February 28th, the amount of people calling for (in some cases demanding for) a release date has risen sharply. What originally was scheduled to come out in 2005 was moved to Spring 2006 and it's remained that way for quite a while.

Right off the bat, I'd like to say that OOTP Baseball 2006 will not be released before the opening day. As much as it would have been great timing, the simple fact is that the game is not ready for a release then. I am hopeful, towards the end of March to be able to give a firm release date that we intend to stick to (as close as possible)

I am sure you will agree, the last thing that we want is to release a product that was unplayable or rushed out 'on demand' and whilst this will probably increase the speculation of when the game might be released we hope it puts to bed any idea that you might be getting the game in the coming few weeks.

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