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Juggernt 07-15-2019 11:54 AM

"Starts Every..."
I looked for an answer in the manuals and couldn't find one, and I haven't looked at enough box scores or crunched the numbers to figure it out.

What happens in a case in which you have two backups for a position and one's rotation is the factor of another? Let's assume I have: 1) regular, 2) starts every third game, 3) starts every sixth. Who starts game 6, #2 or #3? (let's assume there are no injury or fatigue issues). Who starts game 12?

What happens when one player is the backup for two positions and you reach a convergence point? For example, player starts every third game at 2B and every fourth at SS. Which position does he start in on game 12?

Sometimes, if I let the bench coach decide depth charts, they'll put two different players in the same "starts every" number. What happens there?

NoOne 07-15-2019 12:26 PM

these are things you just have to map out, if you want to know them. just use some throw-away league and you can multi-task with different positions using different contexts to speed things up. increase roster size, if necessary.

at one time.... maybe not anymore...

-every X-day off does not consider normal days off. if you just had a day off and it's the "Xth" day, it's taking the 2nd straight day off for that player... hope that's been changed, it's kinda dumb. every xth day 'should' count up games played, not days, or count from last day off... multiple options to amend the logic to fix this.

if not mistaken, if a bench player is used in 2 different spots and a multiple of their days off means there is overlap, it does then '2nd' position the next day with a 1 day delay -- i think this is in forums somewhere from someone in ootp? verify that of course. i'd guess that the '2nd' position is the one with the longer "X-day off" designation?

if 2 players share a backup of the same position, i don't think i ever tried that. i'd assume it would either be based on the length of time between or in this case ratings would make sense for an easy choice, too.

setup both configurations and see what happens.

you'd want to see how things go the next cycle too. is it now 6th day from the actual day he subbed or the intended previous day that happened to overlap with another sub's playing time.

i'm 95% sure it's from the intended day. in general, if you sub every 6th day, they get 1/6th the playing time. so, i think it corrects course the next cycle for that position and that sub.

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