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moalkha 09-09-2019 09:11 AM

Season 25 (2043) discussion thread
We have reached the quarter century mark. Good luck everybody.

Doha, fresh from its second title, is placed in the AC West with the Arkport Wolves (1 perfect title), but the cream of the AC are the Dyersville Ghosts (6 perfect titles). Over in the AC the teams to beat look to be the Pawnee Harvesters (4 perfect titles) and the Kenneth Square Mushroom Caps (1 perfect title).

Great Lakes is in AC East with the mighty Singapore Sluggers (7 perfect titles) while the Catawba Indians (3 perfect titles) are in the AC Central. In the NC the team to beat is probably the Kastav Papani (1 perfect title).

Perugia is in the NC Central with the St.Louis Cardinals (2 perfect titles) while the Haledon Glaziers (4 perfect titles) are in the NC East. Over in the AC the teams to beat are probably the Bump City Buzz (3 perfect titles) and the Philadelphia Bulldogs (2 perfect titles).

Marleigh 09-09-2019 10:32 AM

Paragon City Heroes are in Perfect for the first time, checked a few of the teams and it's not going to be easy. Only change is putting SE Pettite into the rotation as it needed at least one lefty

Bad News Bulldogs are fresh from opening over 150 packs, I churned most big pulls back into the AH then packs, kept a few for the team which from now is going to be pack/locked/completed collections only, current lineup is below. ROTM Hiura and Bogaerts are learning new positions so I expect the defence to be iffy early on, bogaerts got the nod over Live Bichette due to his better defence potential but they are remarkably similar hitters so Bichette will be a utility guy as he also has Outfield potential


Neumann Furshlugginers fell short of promotion but had a good season being great on pitching and D, whoever we tried at LF failed dismally so next up his SE Larry Walker. also moved MVP Gregg Jefferies over to 3b and brought in Will Clark at 1b to try to generate more runs. Smoky Joe Williams is ready to try out in the rotation if one of my starters has a slow start

Will_L 09-09-2019 10:33 AM

A season after having the Corsairs, Reavers & Subway Rats promoted to Diamond, Gold, and Perfect respectively and having had the expected relatively poor inaugural records they're hanging in there for another round and hoping to get some jabs in :-)

Magus978 09-09-2019 11:20 AM

$ team got thrown into whale hell for the second straight week. Last week, lucky enough to get 78 wins. This week? No chance of that. We're going down, and then I'm selling everyone and going into a full rebuild so I don't have to endure wasted weeks like this again.

I'm starting to wonder what I did in a previous life to get this much smiting from RNGjesus...

Orcin 09-09-2019 11:33 AM

i will be traveling for a few days, so the Colonels will mostly be on auto-pilot for the first part of the season. It will actually be good to let the team run for a few days without meddling. I need to make decisions on a couple of positions, and I would like to do it with a bigger sample size than my patience normally allows. Last year, I shuffled a couple of players to the bench in early May and never brought them back. This week, I should be able to get close to the all-star break before blowing up the roster. I am in the same division with the Metheun Silver Sox so I expect to have a challenging week.

Nero 09-09-2019 11:53 AM

Austin Express are in P.445
Tombstone Glory are in G.335
Dallas Renegades are in P.405

Haven't had much of a chance to take a look at the other teams, but good luck to everyone this year!

Westheim 09-09-2019 12:37 PM

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Not much has changed here. The biggest new players would be Kent Tekulve on the Kansas City Apoplexics, and Tom Henke on the Portland Shamblers. But don't ignore the Chattanooga Hunchbacks, either - they are always good for some stunning disappointment.

Solafide 09-09-2019 12:43 PM

Biggest pick up for me in the off season was Jim Thome at 1B which will allow me to move D. Murphy over to second base.

Argonaut 09-09-2019 12:46 PM

The funny quirk of Perfect Team random logo changes continues. The Little Rock Crayons have used two logos, one with "Crayons" in script, and one with a picture of crayons. It seems to alternate between the two every week, with no input from me. I think they play better with the crayon picture, so this could be a good year for Little Rock.

Last year, 4 teams including the Crayons finished with identical 81-81 records to tie the last wildcard spot. Perfect Team staged a mini-tournament, with the winner of two consecutive games (not us) going to the wildcard game. It was pretty cool. Although that team ended up losing the wildcard game, so it was essentially a tournament for 1,000 "going to the playoffs" PP.

BigRed75 09-09-2019 01:10 PM

The Redlegs are in PL purgatory again. Maybe this will be the year that our pitchers aren't complete dog doo!

The Gold Sox are off to a fast start in OL Silver. The re-branding is on hold for another season while I get my sh!t together.

The Aquasox have one player left until the Mariners missions are complete. Then I can get 93 Schooler and 100 Sasaki on the team, and start saving up PP for A-Rod and other Mariners who don't actually have a Mariners card.

The Mineurs are going to the playoffs this season. I can feel it.

The Game Theories will continue to rack up points. This will be Gibson's finest season. I can feel it, too.

Apparently, people have stopped listing White Sox cards on the AH. This makes things difficult for the Lumber Company.

The Quokkas have two targets to fill the sinkhole that is third base. Unfortunately, neither is currently available in the AH. Once one is acquired, surplus parts will be sold for scrap.

There was no-one of note acquired in the Monarchs weekly pack opening. In looking through the collections, I seek that I am 9/10 in the Power Outage collection. Incredibly, I haven't pulled a Charlie Tilson, Jon Jay or Magnueris Sierra, despite these cards showing up in every other pack I pull with all the other teams.

I haven't even checked on the Orioles yet.

Oh, and my son's team finally got promoted to Gold, after eight weeks in Silver. That was the most noteworthy accomplishment of Season 24, and it wasn't even my team.

JasonC23 09-09-2019 02:20 PM

P426 and S251
Thanks to the lovely and informative Perfect Team forum signatures, I can say with certainty that the Huntley Red Raiders are in P426 and the Suburban Sox are in S251.

Unfortunately, as I haven't seen anyone else with either of these leagues in their signature so far, that's all I can report until tonight, at least about the leagues themselves.

As for team updates, Suburban managed to snag Gary Peters off the Auction House late last week, so he will (hopefully) anchor an improved rotation. And the Red Raiders bid on a player that I've been coveting from afar for awhile. Hopefully, there will be good news in Huntley tonight on multiple fronts...

Solafide 09-09-2019 02:41 PM

New to this....will be my second season. What time does the season start? It might have already started for all I know but I've been at work today.

Orcin 09-09-2019 02:47 PM


Originally Posted by Solafide (Post 4535005)
New to this....will be my second season. What time does the season start? It might have already started for all I know but I've been at work today.

It officially starts at 10AM Eastern time (US) but the first sim usually sets up the schedule and the first game is typically 10:30.

scott1964 09-09-2019 03:40 PM


gemini615 09-09-2019 04:41 PM

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Aww....look how cute!
My Ohio City all Indians-team thinks they can compete in perfect this year!
Bless their little hearts.

Solafide 09-09-2019 04:47 PM

Disastrous start for Dayton Lawmen in their second season. Lesson learned...set lineups on Sunday night before going to work on Monday. I woke up this morning but was completely locked out of PT so I couldn't fix my team.

But as luck would have it, after a 4-8 start I decided to open up 2 1k packs and hit an upgraded SP AND a 99 Matt Chapman at 3B!! He replaces a 58 rated player...LOL,

Westheim 09-09-2019 04:58 PM

One of my teams of fools started like a fire engine on some pretty unsustainable pitching, one of them has already cashed a losing streak achievement, and the final one got a gold achievement (an immaculate inning) for their first achievement of the year, and whenever a team does that you better go right off to Amazon and order a truckload of soothing butt paste, because it's gonna get rough from here.

JasonC23 09-09-2019 07:13 PM

Here is P426
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This should be a pretty competitive league! In the AC Central resides the legendary 8-time Perfect League champion Mississauga Carnivores; other past Perfect champions in the AC include the AC East's IB Breakers (twice) and the AC Central's Milkbone Underwear (once; also, I both have to know and don't ever want to know the story behind that team name). The AC West, meanwhile, is home to 3 teams with Diamond championships: the Hamilton Thunderbirds, Seattle Rain Dancers (seems redundant), and the 2-time Diamond champ Montreal Nos Amours.

Huntley was placed in the NC East this year and has the division's only Perfect League championships. The NC Central is home to a team that has won a championship at every level, the INKO Seagulls (who, incidentally, held the Red Raiders to 4 runs total in winning 2 out of 3 in the opening series of the year). The NC West, meanwhile, boasts the 3-time Perfect League champion Homestead Grays.

So, every division but one has a former Perfect League champion, and only one division has more than one, which should lead to a fun season. Good luck to everyone in P426!

old timer 09-09-2019 07:41 PM


lightningbolts35 09-09-2019 08:29 PM


Originally Posted by old timer (Post 4535099)

Hey Old Timer... Just wanted to congratulate you on giving my Athletics a royal butt whooping last week in the finals on way to your championship. My team was no match for your offense...great job!

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