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Jayyburdd 08-10-2019 11:10 AM

Big Fictional European System -- Possible Collaboration Idea?
Hey! So in the past I have worked on big European projects and I think it would be really cool if us as a community came together and made a European system. I'm talking about multiple leagues, England and Germany and France and Italy and whatnot, with multiple levels (relegation/promotion). The variety of uniforms for teams outside the US on this forum is very, very shallow, we could definitely widen it with something like this.

A few stipulations I would personally bring to the table:

1.) Aligning with European sports culture, team names would be less "Birmingham Hammers" or "Berlin Thunder" and be more "BC Birmingham" or "Eintracht Berlin" or something to that effect. We should definitely keep with how sports teams are named there. In-game it would probably be written 'BC_Birmingham_Hammers,' as I and others have done it before, with the full club name in the city slot and the nickname in the nickname slot.

2.) Shirt sponsors in the middle of the abdomen with a crest over the heart and the shirt manufacturers over the right side of the chest is usually also pretty standard throughout multiple European sports. This isn't really as important as the naming convention.

Would anyone be interested in doing something like this? We can just make giant pools of teams for each country and align them into leagues on a pyramid. We could have big European cups and everything. I definitely would do my best to contribute to this, but obviously I wouldn't be able to do such a large project alone. :P



Antwerp City (The Devils)

Athlétique Liège (The Athletics)

Griffioenen Bruges (The Griffins)

Honkbal Ghent (The Lions)

KBC Brussels Verenigd (The United)

Proximus Charleroi (The Miners)

The Netherlands

Amsterdam City (The Westsiders)

Amsterdam United (The Mills)

BC Hague (The Storks)

Eindhoven BC (The Mariners)

Maastricht BC (The Suns)

Rotterdam Collective BC (The Reds)


Saint-Bernard BC (The Bernes)


Milano BC (The Boars)


Atletyczny Polonia (The Saints)

Centaury Bialystok (The Centaurs)

Gdansk AK (The Brewers)

KB Cytadela (The Citadels)

Klub Radom (The Royals)

Kowale Katowice (The Blacksmiths)

Miasto Lodz (The Lodzianin) <-- just means "people from Lodz"

Sportowy Wroclaw (The Eagles)

Start Lublin BK (The Rams)

Szczecin Dukes (The Dukes)

Warsaw United (The Hussars)

Warta Poznan BK (The Warriors)

United Kingdom

ABC Uxbridge (The Warhawks)

Aston Rounders BC (The Pride)

Baltic BC (The Shags)

Blackpool Town BC (The Thunderbolts)

Burton Town BC (The Yellowhammers)

Cardiff United (The Drakes)

City of London BC (The Goldies)

Covent Garden BC (The Bees)

Coventry Mansion AC (The Eagles)

Coventry Sphinx BC (The Sphinx)

Croydon Monday BC (The Thicket)

Derham BC (The Dun Cows)

Dover Town BC (The Cliff)

Equestrian London (The Mustangs)

Irwellside BC (The Wells)

Jurassic Coast BC (The Dinosaurs)

Kensington Garden BC (The Serpentine)

Langley BC (The Fury)

Leicester BC (The Cinnies)

Liverpool AC (The Griffins)

Milton Keynes BC (The Black Cats)

Nostell Miners Welfare BC (The Welfare)

Oxford Athletic BC (The Elephants)

Red Bull York (The Bulls)

Redbridge BC (The Legion)

Sheffield White Rose BC (The Roses)

Victoria Brighton (The Tiding)

Western Trafford United (The Mavericks)

Wolverhampton BC (The Wolves)

York United BC (The Lions)

We welcome anyone who is interested in contributing to this project! :D Let's get as many cool leagues and teams as possible.

Jayyburdd 08-12-2019 06:36 PM

Let me try to stimulate some inspiration. I tried my hand at a lot of European uniforms I found on sportslogos a while ago but I didn't post them here because they were all complete ports of other peoples designs, and I felt weird kind of compiling them here. There are a few though that are semi-custom, meaning I found a logo or something that would look good as a logo and designed the uniform myself.

Here are a few Dutch and Belgian uniforms. :D

Amsterdam United, nicknamed the Mills, based on this logo.


Athlétique Liège, nicknamed the Athletics. A lot of these are edited cliparts I found searching through Google Images.




Antwerp City, nicknamed the Devils.




Rotterdam Collective BC, known as the Reds.




Amsterdam City, known as the Westsiders.




BC Hague, known as the Storks.




Jayyburdd 08-12-2019 06:41 PM

Maastricht BC, nicknamed the Suns




Eindhoven BC, nicknamed the Mariners.




slothisking61 08-13-2019 06:19 AM

These are awesome! I don't have any painting skills or else I would participate. Love to see some more!

zalexander91 08-14-2019 02:29 PM

Ah I wish I was better at making logos and jerseys, but I've been hoping someone would do fictional European teams for years now! Great work so far.

TrbldWiseman 08-14-2019 05:52 PM

If I had the uniform/cap templates I'd give ya a hand Not a big fan of Jersey Maker & Cap Maker. Might be able to help with team names/concepts.

Schlittle 08-21-2019 02:24 PM

I definitely understand why you want team names more similar to the football clubs that exist in Europe today, and the sponsors on the jerseys are realistic to the sporting industry in Europe. I have had an idea for a European league more similar to MLB as far as team names and being in big cities only. This is the concept I have for a European league. Most of the team names are actually meaningful to the city/region they are in (ex. Berlin Bears because Berlin has a cool mascot which is a bear, Barcelona Bulls because the national animal of Spain is the bull, etc.) I've been trying to get logos and unis made up. Unfortunately I have zero skill in this department.

League: European Baseball Association (EBA est. 2019)

Teams: (colorways)
Amsterdam Admirals (orange)
Athens Olympians
Barcelona Bulls
Berlin Bears
Budapest Broncos
London Lions (gold and red)
London Knights (not gold or red)
Istanbul Wolves (red and white)
Kyiv Nightingales (blue and yellow)
Madrid Magic
Milan Musketeers
Munich Monks
Paris Paladins
Prague Panthers
Rome Royals
Vienna Dreamers

dward1 08-30-2019 11:17 AM

do you have alternates or another jersey for Amsterdam City? maybe a purple or a white top? I love these

and maybe with the 3 X's as the hat or as the alternate logo

Jayyburdd 09-08-2019 02:18 AM

Here's one I just made. Cardiff United, nicknamed "The Drakes"




Jayyburdd 09-08-2019 02:56 PM

Coventry Mansion AC, nicknamed the "Eagles." I imagine this team starting their life playing on some field built by some rich dude behind his mansion, who started a whole ass athletic club in his backyard cus he was bored, earning them the 'Coventry Mansion' name.




Jayyburdd 09-08-2019 04:04 PM

City of London BC, nicknamed the "Goldies."




zdubbya13 09-09-2019 09:39 PM

I'm interested in helping with this.

Jayyburdd 09-10-2019 12:18 AM


Originally Posted by zdubbya13 (Post 4535133)
I'm interested in helping with this.

Feel free to toss in whatever uniforms you wanna make! We can organize leagues later.

Jerrod247 09-11-2019 08:27 PM

Croydon Monday BC
3 Attachment(s)
This is a first attempt at making a logo or uniform but I'd like to contribute. The team is called Croydon Monday BC and their nickname is the Thicket

zdubbya13 09-11-2019 09:59 PM

Alright, here's my first attempt:

Warsaw United, nicknamed the Hussars.



zdubbya13 09-11-2019 10:39 PM

Sportowy Wroclaw, nicknamed the Eagles (a nod to the eagle on the city's seal, which was historically the two-headed eagle used to represent Poland and Silesia).




zdubbya13 09-11-2019 10:58 PM

Kowale Katowice, nicknamed the Blacksmiths (Kowale is blacksmith in Polish). This is a nod to the city's industrial heritage and draws directly from the city seal.




Jerrod247 09-11-2019 11:29 PM

League Logos
2 Attachment(s)
I made a couple league logos for an English baseball league called the English Baseball Association or EBA.

Jayyburdd 09-12-2019 01:33 AM

This is all incredible! I'll contribute more over the coming weekend!

Jerrod247 09-12-2019 11:20 AM

York United BC
3 Attachment(s)
York United bc, nickname the lions

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