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2002halos 12-02-2019 09:25 AM

AI taking over team
For the second week in a row, after promotion/relegation, I find one of my teams (the same one) completely reset as if I had asked AI to set all my lineups and subs.

I thought maybe I had accidentally left the team without a proper setup last week to cause this, i.e. a lineup with missing slots or something, so I was very careful NOT to have any problems this time.

Yet it happened again.

This is not acceptable. I spend literally hours collecting data each week and adjusting my team's lineup, subs and strategies accordingly. Only to see the entire thing wiped out and have to re-create it before every new season?!?!?!?!

Devs please fix this.

2002halos 12-02-2019 12:46 PM

Update: I think this could be a subset of a bug that's been around since Day 1, namely certain cards have their individual strategy erased every week during promotion/relegation and have to be reset each week.

In the past, I have had a handful of such cards and keep track of which players this happens to (always the same ones) in order to fix them each season. However the team that is now having its entire strategy wiped out by the AI has many such players, and I wonder if that has crossed a threshold where it is assumed I need to have my strategy fixed for the entire team? Whether this is a symptom of that bug or not, both issues need to be fixed, but especially this one. It wastes a minimum of a half hour each week to completely reset my roster, lineups and pitching staff after the AI has wiped out previously saved work.

To have the AI bring in reserves, set lineups, pitching roles, etc., all without my input and despite settings that direct this is my role, is really frustrating.

Honestly, devs, while you have developed the best baseball sim ever, this new incarnation known as Perfect Team already suffers from a lack of player control. While the game is fantastic as a solo player where you can manage in game or just GM depending on your whim, the managerial control in Perfect Team needs an overhaul. Even without bugs like this one, it's waaaaaay to common to see managerial moves in game that I'd never make, and waaaaaay to hard to tweak the sliders, roles, etc. to fix the issues.

With a whole month simmed each day, we need to be able to either set lineups for 30 days (as opposed to 7) or, better yet, set home and away lineups vs each team in our league in advance.

But before you make improvements (even great ideas like mine ;)), before you add more features, please, please, please, fix the bugs.

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