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maikgianino 08-26-2018 02:45 AM

Custom league issue | Trade deadline
Hello there.

I'm back with questions after a few weeks hiatus.
I made a custom league, I think I'm going to upload the logos because they are really cute and believe some people would love to play with a Icelandic custom league.

Anyway, since was my frist time doing custom leagues I didn't know when was the start date, or playoffs date or anything. So I made February 22 the trade dealine but the regular season ends on February 4 so the trade deadline is during the playoffs and I'm afraid some teams can make trades in the playoffs.

There is any way to fix that? Thanks in advance. :flowers:

redtiger7 08-26-2018 11:06 AM

When July 1st rolls around in your game, you can use the edit leagues screen to make changes.

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