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Barf the Mog 05-23-2019 09:07 PM

Harry Potter League Request
I'm sure you're wondering if another OOTP search has routed you to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix rather than Out of the Park, but have no fear: this is both!

In looking for a new fictional league idea, I decided to use Harry Potter as the backdrop. That way when I talk about it to my wife, her eyes can't totally glaze over because she'll occasionally hear a word or two that piques her interest.

So I was hoping to get some help from the logo making community: a League logo and ten Team logos.

The league is the "Wizarding Baseball League"

The ten teams are as follows:

Godric's Hollow Duelists
Hogsmeade Hippogriffs
Ottery St Catchpole Whiz-Bangs (Named after a Weasley twins' invention)
Tinworth Curse-Breakers
London Aurors
Manchester Mandrakes
Belfast Boggarts
Caerphilly Greens (Green Dragon)
Hollyhead Thestrals
Edinburgh Basilisks


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