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CT-Sox-Fan 05-12-2019 07:29 PM

Major League Baseball Dreams (MLBD) openings
Major League Baseball Dreams is a long running league set up in 2006 real life time, originally with 2006 teams and rosters. We are early in the 2066 season. While many players like to join a new league starting up, there are great advantages to joining an established league like ours. We've been running for about 12 years of real time, with 57 seasons run and the commissioner is committed to keeping the league running as along as we have Gms and OOTP, so you won't worry about putting in a few seasons working with your team only to have the league disappear.

Sims are run on schedule and there is good communications through messages from the commissioner, an active forum with a chatbox, pms, and AIM and Slack. We run most regular season sims using StatsPlus real time sim integration with Slack and GMs have really enjoyed that. We have a few GMs who have been with the league from the beginning, some long timers and some newer GMs. A number of the GM's are also in some other leagues together. If you are new, we welcome you, and there are plenty of experienced Gms and the commissioner to get you going.

We update every other OOTP revision (update on the even revisions - currently on OOTP20).

Full League Name (Initials): Major League Baseball Dreams (MLBD)
Main URL: mlbdreamsootpsim.com
Boards URL: mlbdreamsootpsim.com/forum2
Commissioner OOTP Forum Username(s): Dave Anderson, "ultradave", (Commissioner)
Email Address: mlbd.commissioners@gmail.com
OOTP Version: OOTP20, and we update on even numbered OOTP revs.
Game Needed: Required
Players: Originally historical, but now at this point there are no historical players remaining.
# of Teams: The 30 MLB teams , with full minor leagues, including a Winter Development League (AA)
Sim Schedule: during season - M, W, F, Su, weekdays around 4:30pm or 6pm, weekends around 7:30am. Offseason, we'll run almost every day or as close to as we can manage, given real life.
League Time Per Sim: 7 Days, varies in off season, but generally around 2 weeks (-ish), 1 week early in free agency
First Season: 2006 (game time and real life time)
Current Season: 2066
Special Rules & Settings: no coaches or scouts, we've implemented the new CBA.We don't use the amateur signing bonus having tried it and found it was more hassle than fun (sorry Markus).

Take a look at the web site and drop by the forum and look around. Links to the team reports are on the web site so you can check out the teams. If you like what you see, email the commissioner's email above (also linked on the web site) and let me know you are interested. I'm good at answering fairly quickly. If we fill up we'll be glad to put you on a waiting list, as some GMs come and go.

Teams currently available:

Arizona Diamondbacks
Colorado Rockies
Oakland A's

Email the commissioner email above if you are interested in joining.
Dave A.

MLBD- Toronto Blue Jays GM and Commissioner, http://mlbdreamsootpsim.com

PCBL - Clearwater Beachcombers
Extra Innings - Washington Nationals

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