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joefromchicago 04-21-2019 06:32 PM

Weather Mod - "It's Usually Sunny in Philadelphia"
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In modern major league baseball, games are rarely rained out. Due to a combination of advanced drainage systems, accurate weather forecasting, and the pressures to complete games that might otherwise be difficult to reschedule, there are only a handful of weather-related cancellations in today's game of baseball.

That wasn't always the case. In 1910, the White Sox had 19 games rescheduled because of weather. In 1950, they had 13. In 2018, they had none. OOTP's weather data file reflects this modern trend away from weather-related cancellations and postponements, so I decided to make a quick mod that is more appropriate for baseball's earlier, wetter years.

Based on Phantom Player's expanded weather database, I simply added five percentage points to the base chance for bad weather. For most of the continental US, this means that the chance goes from around 2-4% per game to around 7-9%. That still might be a bit too low for earlier periods, but it's a lot closer to the historical average than the current weather file without getting too aggravating for the average user.

INSTALLATION: copy the attached file to the database subfolder inside the folder for your current version of OOTP (this file should work with any version of OOTP since at least version 10). This file will then load for any league that you create after you install it. If you want to install it into an existing league, you will need to follow these steps:
  1. In commissioner mode, go to the league settings page and, in the middle column, select "edit ballparks;"
  2. In the middle along the top of the page, select the button marked "weather;"
  3. In the upper-right corner, select "Re-Import Weather Database."
Be sure to make a copy of the original weather.txt file in case you need it later. And also remember that the game will overwrite this mod whenever it updates, so make sure you replace it if that happens.

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