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Tom Canadiens 10-23-2017 05:01 PM

Achievement bug EIHL
I won the playoffs on EIHL with Manchester Storm and didn't get the achievement, also I got a message saying that the other team was the winner?! that other team finished 1st of the regular season maybe the achievement is locked on the winner of the regular season!

JeffR 10-24-2017 12:19 AM

Could be, we'll have a look. It should be the playoff winner, though.

Tom Canadiens 10-24-2017 10:09 AM

I tried to upload my saved game but can't access to ftp files.
Problem was quiet the same with "Wrong Champion Annouced" by

Clansman 07-18-2018 06:13 PM


Originally Posted by JeffR (Post 4246104)
Could be, we'll have a look. It should be the playoff winner, though.

Not sure if this was for a challenge or regular play.

If 'win playoffs in EIHL' is the challenge mode then fair enough but for normal game play the achievement should be locked on the winner of the regular season.

In the EIHL the winner of the regular season are champions. They qualify for the Champions Hockey League the next season.

The play offs are an extra trophy. The play off winners qualify for the second tier Continental Cup.

Let's put it this way, if Cardiff win the league (regular season) and Manchester win the play offs we, in the UK, say Cardiff are champions and Storm won the play offs. Two totally different and distinct things.

If a team wins both then league runners up (not play off runners up) qualify for the continental cup.

There are a few other things with the EIHL set up which aren't quite right.

Scheduling had Braehead playing Cardiff, Belfast and Dundee 4 times home and away and the rest twice home and away. It should be 4 H & A versus conference rivals Fife, Dundee and Edinburgh.

A bit moot now since Edinburgh have now dropped out and it's an 11 team league with everyone playing each other 3 H & A for a 60 game regular season in 18/19.

Also, the conference tables should only include games against Conference rivals, not all games.

Currently every league game is counted in the conference standings. It should only be Braehead, Fife, Dundee and Edinburgh match ups that count in the Gardiner conference table. In 18/19 it'll only be the 3 teams as Edinburgh are defunct.

Likewise, Erhardt should only be games between Sheffield, Cardiff, Nottingham and Belfast.

Patton should only be games between Coventry, Manchester, Guildford and MK.

Basically, every game counts towards the league but only conference match ups count in the conference table.

Finally, the challenge cup is missing completely.

I realise the EIHL is way down the list of importance and I'm fine with that. Also that there'll be no more fixes for FHM4. Again, that's fine. Just hoping league winners are recorded as champions in FHM5,

Still enjoying the game immensely but had just noticed the 'championship glitch' and came searching to see if it had been mentioned. This was the closest thing.

I only noticed it as I had just won the title for a second year in a row. However, I lost in the play offs this year. I then noticed that Cardiff, who finished 6th in the league but won the play offs are listed as champions. I won play offs last season as well as the league so didn't notice that the championship was awarded to play off winners.

Sorry I've gone on a bit there. Loving the game but thought I should bring this to your attention.

croatian 07-19-2018 06:41 AM

I did get EIHL achievement after I won playoffs, although It should be after regular season is won, because in EIHL regular season winner (like in soccer) is considered champion.:)

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